The history of Mississauga's Glenleven Crescent

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Today’s topic is the history of Mississauga's Glenleven Crescent

Lachlan Alexander Hamilton.jpg

The Glen Leven Golf Course was established in 1920 by Lachlan Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton had served as the first president of the Mississaugua Golf & Country Club on Mississauga Road from 1906 until 1915. He purchased a 50-acre property in Clarkson from the Peer family to build a new golf course, which he described as a “poor man’s golf course” – it was a simple course, and did not have a “fancy, wealthy clubhouse”, and the cost to play a round was 50 cents.

The very popular Glen Leven Golf Course operated until 1966, when it was sold for development under the name of “Glen Leven Properties Limited”. In the early 1970s the subdivision was established. The road name “Glenleven Crescent” remembers the property’s early years as the “poor man’s golf course”. Nearby Glenleven Park, accessed from Bexhill Road, is on part of what was the original golf course property, and also takes its name in remembrance of the former golf course.