Grand Bend Parasail opens in Mississauga's picturesque Port Credit

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There’s nothing quite like summer in Mississauga, especially for those who enjoy being in/on/around our lakefront. With so much to see and do, it’s easily a top-destination for locals and visitors.
A new addition to Port Credit for 2019 sees the exciting Grand Bend Parasail team (GBP) set up shop, owned by Lee Marcoux.
We spoke with Lee to learn more about his business, journey and why he chose Mississauga.

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1. How long has GBP been in business?

We’re proudly in our seventh season .

2. Why did you decide to start GBP?

I arrived from Grand Cayman wtih my wife and baby in 2011. I looked out at the lake and beach and was in awe wtih everything and noticed everything was the same as Cayman. Yet there was no Parasailing, so I decided to fill the gap.

3. Why did you pick Mississauga as an expansion point?

Mississauga was always on my mind and I wanted to be there for years. I have actually been on the “waiting” list for around five years for the commercial dock space.
I love the area and felt good w the city. Just outside enough from Toronto to have small town feel, yet close enough to be in town whenever. It was the best decision I’ve made in years. Love Port Credit

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4. What's the most exciting part of what you do?

I love meeting new people from all parts of the world. Plus, the happiness and excitement I see and feel from the clients makes everyday worth it and makes me happy.

5. What exactly does parasailing consist of?

Parasailing essentially is a parachute controlled ride with a harness much like a seat hammock. Taking off from the platform off the back side of the boat and hydraulically winched back in on the platform. It feels a lot like floating in a cloud with a birds-eye view.

6. How have you been so successful?

There is only one reason: the crew!
We are lucky to have such a talented crew/captains with the same outlook. Different backgrounds as well. Combined we speak English, Spanish, Tagalog (Philippine) and French.

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7. What's been the biggest challenge to overcome for GBP?

As with many businesses, the licensing and municipalities have a very precise process that can sometimes take a bit more time than expected.
The city has been very helpful and amazing to us since understanding how parasailing at GBP is conducted in a professional and safe manner.

8. What months of the year do you operate?

Weekends in June, then daily in July and August.
September and October we are back to weekends unless groups book during the week and we are more than happy to accommodate

9. What's the next expansion point for GBP?

Eventually, back in the Caribbean for the winter months. I have been working that one out for a while now. and hope that it’ll happen soon.

10. Would you change anything in the GBP journey knowing what you know today opposed to year one?

I wouldn’t change a thing. All the decisions made along this journey made us who we are today.

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11. How long does a ride/sail typically last?

With a full boat load expect to be on the boat for up to an hour. Typically each Parasail Ride/Flight is between 8-10 min

12. What's the best compliment a client has given you?

Their smiles and telling us how professional we are. The team and I work very hard on everything and enjoy what we do. Happy clients absolutely make it worth it.

To book your experience, click here or call (647) 210-3596.

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