Malton and the Avro Arrow - Celebrating and honouring innovation

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60 years ago this year, the Avro Arrow project was cancelled by Prime Minister John Deifenbaker and tragically destroying all the plans, prototypes, parts and scattering the incredible talent assembled to create this plane in Malton. The economic impact was devastating with estimates as high as 50,000 jobs lost, locally over 9,000, and the potential for growth set back decades in a community that had the skills to lead the way in innovation for all of Canada and the world.

Five Arrows were built and flown over Mississauga, and its progress was marked with national and international attention. So skilled was the workforce that engineers from the A.V. Roe firm went on to join NASA and were instrumental in the space race!

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The Arrow included many firsts:

·         Digital computers and CNC machining were used in the design and components

·         Computer controlled navigation, weapons release, electronic counter measures and jamming technology.

·         Superior speed, lower weight, and ability to carry more payloads

How do these historical achievements relate to present day Malton?
With Pearson airport in Malton, aviation is a high growth industry for Mississauga with over 60% of growth in the last five years. These high value jobs pay approximately 40% more than other industries.

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To celebrate the creation of this innovation, the Malton BIA, along with support from the City of Mississauga, is moving forward with a project to create a full-size replica Avro Arrow to be displayed in Malton. Impressively, this will be six storeys high, 55 feet wide and 72 feet long.  Exhaustive interviews, and research have gone into the plan and the first step is already underway.

As Matthew from Heritage Mississauga said “Thanks to the Malton BIA & Carolyn Parrish, Councillor for Ward 5, the Avro Arrow was a highlight of the Canadian Pavilion at Carassauga 2019.The model was truly a wonderful addition.

“The Avro Arrow project will create an iconic figure for Malton & Mississauga, manifesting the motto of "from here to anywhere" by including our past as we move forward” said Natalie Hart of the Malton BIA.

Ward 5 City Councillor Carolyn Parrish adds: “We are very excited to display a seven foot model of our AVRO Arrow, the most powerful, fastest fighter of its day - designed and built in Malton.
A $3 million full sized Arrow is being built, preserving this exquisite piece of Canadian ingenuity for generations to come."

For updates as they progress on this project, visit

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