3 Stellar Ways to Organize Your Kitchen Cabinets, Drawers & Pantry


Life can get really hectic from time to time. Things tend to get disorganized and out of place during these difficult seasons. This happens often enough inside our homes.
In some cases, your home will remain organized, clean, and clutter-free. But then a difficult and trying time appears. Suddenly your home seems disorganized, messy, and cluttered.
You can easily overcome untidiness by organizing your kitchen cabinets, drawers, and pantry using the following tips.

Tip #1: The Great Purge


Before you consider organizing your kitchen cabinets, drawers, and pantry, you should focus on eliminating unnecessary clutter. Remove duplicate items like pots, pans, utensils, and more right away. Eliminate items you no longer use and donate them to your favorite charity. And cut down on items that you currently have in excess.

After purging your home of unnecessary stuff, you can finally begin the organizing process.

Tip #2: Organize Your Kitchen with Accessibility in Mind


During the organization process, it’s important to make regularly used day-to-day items easily accessible. We all have kitchens filled with stuff that we use all the time, some of the time, or only on rare occasions. So when you begin organizing, keep accessibility at the top of your mind.

Do you have a favorite pot or pan that you use nearly every day? Make sure it has a prominent place in the front of the cabinet. If you own other items that you use often, make sure you can get to them easily after everything is organized and in its proper place.

Tip #3: Organizational Baskets Work Wonders in Kitchen Cabinets and Pantries


Does your kitchen pantry look disorganized and shoddy? Adding attractive organizational baskets makes a world of difference.

Instead of leaving items scattered about willy-nilly, you can place them into their designated basket. Designate a specific basket for cereal boxes, another for plastic utensils, and as many others as you deem necessary. Before long, your pantry and cabinets will look clutter-free – exactly the way you like it!

Bottom Line

Clearly, having organized kitchen drawers, cabinets, and pantries is the ultimate goal. It seems difficult on the surface but it’s relatively easy although time consuming.

Begin this project with a positive attitude. Be willing to make organizational changes to improve your life. It won’t take long before your kitchen looks immaculate, beautiful, and clutter-free.