Modern Food & Drink - Mississauga's "Amazing Graze"

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During a recent media event, I came across of the most delicious displays of food in recent memory. Jamie and Grace, owners of “Amazing Graze”, were at the helm and what started off with a quick “hello!” turned into a lengthy chat as I enjoyed their fresh, delicious food.

Keep reading to learn more about these ambitious, driven and remarkable ladies and their journey so far.

What does Amazing Graze do?

We are an event catering company that brings social experiences back to our grazing tables through the freshest ingredients and food.

How long have you been in business?

10 years. We’re excited with our new direction, new look and new brand.

Where did the name originate from?

Everyone calling us Amazing “Grace”. When our charcuterie tables took a different direction, we watched people socializing, interacting, and eating our food, and that brought us back to our family tables growing up. It’s about food and family without any judgement.

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What are some of your signature menu items?

We are known for our sweet and savory table, including our very popular PeaNutter Bites.
Our pairing of seasonal foods and high quality, fresh cheeses and meats is always a hit.

What’s the most rewarding aspect of what you do?

Watching people gather and eat together, plus their expressions and positive comments about our food, décor, and attention to detail.

What’s been the largest hurdle to overcome?

Making the decision to step out of our commercial kitchen and obtaining a retail space. We want to find the right location to serve and connect with the community through the universal language of food.

What does 2020 look like?

We are developing new items for our menu and taking old favorites to make them appreciated once again.

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What inspired you to start the business?

My Mother. It was a joy to watch her feed our family and friends as everyone happily gathered around her table. Being a single mom didn’t stop her from showing us that quality and traditional foods still exist and should be enjoyed.

Why did you set up your business in Mississauga?

We are from Mississauga and the clients who embrace us and support our vision are from Mississauga. We feel the love and are excited to continue to serve our community.
From old friends to new friendships and everything in between, we welcome you to graze with us.

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