What to look for when buying a coat for your dog

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Bark & Fitz is here to answer some of your most common questions about shopping for a dog coat!

Why does a dog need a coat in cold and wet weather if wolves and wild dogs don’t?

Domestic dogs are no longer bred to withstand the environment that they are often exposed to. We now breed dogs for looks and breed standards rather than ability to withstand tough climates. By putting a coat on your pet you are ensuring that they stay comfortable and warm in cooler weather.

Do all dogs need to wear coats, or only those with thin or close coats?

Shedrow K9 offers a variety of coats for all different kinds of dogs depending on their needs. If you have a dog with a shorter coat they will need a coat with more fill, while a dog with a thick winter coat may only need a shell or lighter material. Coats are great for all dogs even to just prevent against moisture build up during wet and cold days.


How do you fit your dog coat?

There is a convenient Shedrow K9 size chart which shows the back length and chest measurements you will want to use to find your pet’s size. All coats are fully adjustable to ensure a custom-like fit for your pet.

How do you get your dog used to wearing a coat?

First, ensuring your dog is comfortable with the noise of Velcro is essential. You can use positive reinforcement training when making the noise to keep your pet from being frightened. Begin by gently placing the coat overtop of your dog and use positive reinforcement again to help get them acclimatized to the sensation. Ensure you take the approach slowly and be sensitive to your pet’s fears or anxieties. Gradually over time they will get more and more used to wearing the coat.


Things to know about the Shedrow K9 Dog Coat line up before you buy:

  • Made from top quality materials and finished with practical details to make them functional for everyday use
  • Coats vary in denier count which determines how tightly the fabric is woven to prevent against tears and rips
  • All coats vary in the amount they are filled with. You will need to look and see how much fill you want your dog’s coat lined with (or if you need any fill at all) based on their coat length and activity levels
  • Made with adjustable Velcro closures at the chest and under the belly. This allows the coats to fit a wide variety of dogs and adjusts for breed-specific characteristics
  • Coats feature convenient stretchy back leg straps which keep the coat from twisting and turning during wear
  • Some coats feature reflective piping which is a great added feature if you walk your dog late at night or early in the morning
  • Having fun patterns and colours is a great way to show off your pet’s style. With chic plaids and fun colours to choose from, Shedrow K9 has a variety of coats to keep you pet looking cute this season

Shedrow K9 carries many multi season products for your pet. From dog coats built to withstand tough winter climates to shells that are lightly lined with no fill, there are products for all inclement weather environments in the Shedrow K9 lineup.

Bark & Fitz carries the full selection of products from Shedrow K9. See one of our pet experts today to have your dog fitted for their new dog coat! Sizes available from XS-4XL for all breeds and types of dogs.


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