7 everyday things you can do to boost your mood and health

In an ongoing series on health, nutrition and becoming a better you, Modern Mississauga has teamed up with local fitness and health enthusiast Julie Cropper to provide tips, advice and inspiration to help you become the best you possible. Got a question for Julie? Send it to info@modernmississauga.com.

Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be a challenge. You can live a healthier life with a few small changes in your daily routine. Slowly, you can build from there. Here are a few things I do in my daily routine, which has changed my life.

Create a morning routine

Start your day with a morning routine that works for you. Do things in the morning that you don’t have time for during the day and that make you feel happy. It sets the tone for the day. I’ve trained myself to wake up a little earlier to give myself time to stretch and get the blood flowing. I also take this time to review my goals. Big or small, we all have something we want to accomplish. Sometimes, we get off track with the hustle and bustle of our day; goal-setting in the morning can help provide an anchor for the rest of your day.


No matter what, you need to include exercise into your day. Every day. If you don’t have time to make it to the gym, go for a walk around the block, go for a bike ride, or play catch with the kids. Physical activity is a must and needs to be part of your daily routine.  

Pack a protein

Make sure protein is included in you lunch bag. This will help keep your blood sugar levels in check, which will affect your mood and energy throughout the day. Have a morning snack and mid afternoon snack that include protein like a hard boiled egg or protein bar. 

Drink up

Everyone needs to drink more water. Keep a big bottle of water at your desk and make sure it’s empty by the end of the day. Now that the cooler weather is here, I like to keep a small teapot filled with green tea and sip on it throughout the day. Even a little dehydration can alter your mood and how you feel, so drink up and aim for 8 glasses of water per day.

Be mindful of your steps

Have you walked 10,000 steps today? That should be your daily minimum. Consider using a tracker that counts your steps. My tracker is one of the first things I put on every morning so I don’t miss a step! It’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get started on your fitness journey. 

Listen to your body

Learn to be “in tune” with your body and recognize when your body needs more rest of more movement. Pay close attention to how your body feels and don’t ignore any signs it’s giving you. Healthy people are in sync with their bodies. I now know when I’ve over-trained and need a rest day. I recognize the signals and have learned to listen to my body. Start listening to yours.

Get a good night's rest

Most healthy people not only exercise, but they get enough sleep. The habit of getting a good night's rest doesn’t mean you have to sleep for 10 hours, but 6-8 hours is a healthy amount. Some people (like my husband) only need 6 hours, but I tend to need 8 hours. Learn how much you need and plan to go to bed a little earlier if needed.

You can build a healthier happier life by incorporating some of these habits into your daily routine. Find out what works best for you and soon you’ll notice a positive change in your health and mood. Take care of your body and make it the best, the strongest, and the healthiest.

Julie has a passion for health and fitness and is on a mission to help others be the best they can be at any age. Follow her on Instagram @julescropper.