Movember: tackling men’s health on a global scale

Get ready to bid farewell to those razors, gentlemen, because Movember is almost upon us. This is the chance to grow out those moustaches and donate to support research and awareness for prostate cancer. Movember, however, isn’t only for macho moustachio’d men; it’s for anybody wanting to contribute to a good cause.

From a mere 30 gents who participated in the first Movember in Australia circa 2003, Movember has grown into a worldwide household name and so much more than just a fancy soup strainer showing. There have been over 5 million participants to date! They have raised almost $700,000 and funded over 800 men’s health projects. In and among all the fun moustache talk, prostate cancer is cutting down men too early, which is the motivation behind the entire campaign.

According to the Canadian Cancer Society’s October statistics publication, 78,000 Canadians are estimated to die by cancer in 2016. 41,700 of that are estimated to be men, and 9.6% (roughly 4000) of those will be due to prostate cancer.

Mortality rates for lung, colorectal, and prostate cancer have all declined steadily since the 90s. This progression is due in part to cancer research slowly becoming more advanced over time naturally, but also to the work of Movember and their 5 million Mo bros and Mo sistas from around the world.

It has grown (Movember, not the moustaches) into a literal movement, encouraging people to hold events and competitions to raise money and awareness as opposed to only donating. There are a bevy of ways in which Mississaugans can get involved.

Grow a Mo, save a Bro is the core initiative in which a moustache is sponsored while being grown and groomed for 30 days. All staches are welcome and crazy is encouraged.

MOVEmber prompts a race or a competition of some sort. Things like dodgeball tournaments and gigantic slip-and-slides have already been done so think weirder and cooler.

Events are another good way to get the good word out. Dress up for a dinner party, get down for a dance party, or stand up with an open mic night. Contacting a barber for a before and after Mo snapshot are excellent ways to show off the crumb catcher. 

With the roughly 750,000 citizens of Mississauga, there is no limit to what this city can accomplish this November.

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