Get to know Mississauga's indoor sports arenas

Outdoor sports are becoming increasingly difficult to play as temperatures descend into the single digits. Not every soccer game should be like a game against Iceland. Not every basketball game should be like a We The North commercial. Not every football game should be like a Grey Cup game in Saskatchewan. Not every hockey game should be like a... actually, hockey should be very, very cold.

For those who want to play some footy, or shoot a three during the winter months, indoor facilities are crucial. Mississauga has many great indoor sports areas, it’s just a matter of digging up the gems. And we've done all that digging for you! Read on to find out more.

Canlan Sportsplex

Located West of Central Parkway Blvd. on Wolfedale Rd. is Canlan Sportsplex Mississauga. One of the biggest indoor sports facilities in the city, Canlan Sportsplex has multiple different areas of play and a mini restaurant overlooking everything. There is an indoor ball hockey rink with full boards and benches, two soccer fields with boards about twice as big as the hockey rink, and three volleyball courts which can be opened up to be a futsal court. Pricing details can be found here 

Invader Sportsplex

A smaller but just as effective indoor facility located on a side street near Tomken Rd. and Mid-way Blvd. Invader boasts a good size turf soccer field, along with a basketball and volleyball court side by side. The turf field here allows for football (touch or flag, nobody should be playing tackle on turf), ultimate frisbee, rugby, lacrosse or field hockey, as well as soccer. Pricing information can be found by calling (905) 565 - 0500.

Sports Plus

On the edge of Mississauga by Derry and Bramalea Road, Sports Plus is tucked away in the middle of a business complex. They have only one basketball court that is just short of full-size, but promote many uses for the single floor. Basketball, floor hockey, futsal, volleyball, dodgeball and yoga are all activities they say they support. Their prices are the least expensive of the bunch starting at $35 an hour. 

Erin Mills Soccer Club

On the other side of the city west of Winston Churchill Blvd. on Unity Drive is the Erin Mills Soccer Club. This facility has two playing fields, one 51' x 96' turf field and one 50' x 135' futsal surface. Prices start at $55 for turf, and $75 for the larger futsal area.

Community Centres

Every community centre around the city should have space to book an indoor facility. Most have basketball courts, which mean they also can have ball hockey, volleyball, etc. The Hershey Sports Zone in the middle of the city is the cream of the crop as far as city-run indoor facilities go, with three separate half sized basketball courts that can be changed to be full size, or even volleyball and badminton courts as well. They feature a gigantic full sized soccer field which is often split into four fields with a brand new turf. The City of Mississauga controls the booking time slots, and those can be reserved at (905) 615 - 4100 (choose option two from the menu).