Adult eggnog recipes for the holidays

Eggnog is a special treat for the holiday season that can be made more fun with the simple addition of an adult liqueur or two. With so many options to choose from, here are two of our favourite easy to make holiday concoctions.

Spiced adult eggnog

2 oz Kraken Black Spiced Rum
6 oz eggnog
2 dashes cinnamon bitters

Combine the 2 oz Kraken, 3 oz eggnog and bitters in a shaker.
Pour into your favourite glass.
Top with the last 3 oz of eggnog and 2 dashes of cinnamon bitters as garnish.

Fiesta eggnog

2.5 oz Kahlua
4.5 oz eggnog
Whipped cream
Nutmeg to taste

Pour the Kahlua into your favourite glass.
Carefully layer the eggnog on top without blending the liquids.
Top with 3-4 bursts of whipped cream and shaved nutmeg as garnish.