Last-minute beer gift ideas

It’s getting close to that gift giving time, and despite time ticking away, there are still great gift options available. Beer is a unique gift because it (usually) gets shared, or can be re-gifted without guilt. At the very least it can be the introduction to a gift, like an appetizer to a fancy dinner. Both the Beer Store and the LCBO have some great multi-packs to light up eyes around you this Christmas. Here is a condensed list to consider for family get-togethers or work parties. 

Stella Artois

A long time ago, Stella was crafted specifically for Christmas time. Simple, classic, and usually packaged in a Holiday season 12-pack gift box for this time of the year, Stella is one of the rare beers that everybody likes. If 12 is too much it is also available in a large holiday-sized bottle complete with a classy little cork. A case of 24 shouldn’t be out of the question either, worst case scenario is that there is beer left over for boxing day or New Years.

Muskoka - Craft Survival Sampler Pack

Muskoka Survival Pack.jpeg

This gift pack is available in either a 12 pack of bottles or a six pack of cans. Muskoka staples like the Craft Lager, Cream Ale, Detour and Mad Tom are accompanied by a few seasonal brews as well. For this season it’s the Winterweiss and the Shinnicked stout. From the shockingly light yet flavourful Detour to the dense and complex Winterweiss, there is something in here for every beer lover. 

Steamwhistle - Retro Holiday 6-Pack


Never look for a bottle opener again with this crafty bottle opening wall mount complete with a few craft beers. Not only is this useful, but is a wonderfully designed piece of wall art that would flatter any beer fridge. Besides the opener, Steamwhistle is synonymous with smooth, clean and delicious beer. Steamwhistle is the beer that does all the hard work for you in terms of flavour and drinkability. With the bottle opener they almost literally do all the hard work for you - all that’s left to do is enjoy. 

Modelo Especial

Relatively new to Ontario liquor stores, Modelo Especial is a perfect off-beat, out of season winter beer. Modelo has just enough body and flavour that it makes itself distinct from its close cousin of Mexico, the more-familiar Corona. Similarly, Modelo with a lime evokes a sense of beach lounging and sun-tanning - the opposite of Canadian freezing temperatures and snowstorms. Aside from actually being on a beach getting kissed by the sun, Modelo is a fine substitute. Whereas Corona has a set of expectations, Modelo asks some questions that can only be answered by drinking (followed by a bueno).