6 ways to change up your family get-togethers

For most, the holidays begin sometime in December and quickly come to an end with the arrival of January. Although we all share the same calendar, our holiday traditions differ greatly and each year starts to feel a bit like a routine. Visiting so-and-so, preparing a turkey, buying gifts, and ensuring everyone is wished a “Merry Christmas” is what we tend to expect. This year, like every year, my family will come over on the 25th of December and enjoy a home cooked meal that my husband and I will have been preparing for hours. We usually sit around chatting and waiting to eat, open a few gifts and then it’s all over before we know it. Well, this year I have a trick up my sleeve. With the recent arrival of snow…we’re going tobogganing. 

Tobogganing might not be everyone’s idea of fun (it’s definitely mine) but there are tons of other activities you can incorporate into your family-get-together to make it unlike every other year. I have come up with 6 ideas that you might want to try! 

1. Tobogganing

Snow is required and this year we’re golden, so to the slopes we go! Pack some hot chocolate and dress warmly to enjoy a few runs before heading back home for dinner. Even if the adults don’t want to tag along – send the kids out for some old-fashioned (non-technology based) fun!

2. Ice skating

A similar winter-activity to tobogganing, skating is so much fun! Most outdoor public skating rinks are open on Christmas Day for your enjoyment. Maybe even bring out a stick and puck to play some casual shinny. 

3. Board games

This is one of my favourite activities to enjoy with my family as everyone can be included, even grandma and grandpa. Some of my favourites are Monopoly, Clue, Sequence and Charades. This year, try playing a board game before dinner and get everyone involved. 

4. Build a snowman

This is a classic and will never go out of style. Build a snow man in your front yard for everyone to see. Bring out some accessories and dress him up – or even build a snow man family!  

5. Go to the movies

Yes, most movie theaters are actually open on Christmas Day! I couldn’t believe it when I heard it, but yes, it’s true. This is also a great activity to enjoy with your family that can quickly become a tradition. Catch an early showing of whatever movie you fancy and then head home for Christmas dinner.

6. Take the dogs to the dog park

This can be fun for both you and your pets! Take a few toys and head out for a walk in the dog park. Snow can make this extra-fun but just watch out for slippery patches of ice. Having company over can make pets excited and sometimes it’s hard to handle with so many guests. Ensuring that they have been walked beforehand will encourage them to take a nice long nap while everyone has dinner. 

Whichever way you decide to spend the holidays I encourage you to make the most of it. Such a magical time of year should be treasured by all and never taken for granted. Trying new activities can bring excitement and create traditions to last for years.