What Women Really Want for Valentine's Day

Remember that movie “What Women Want” from 2000 with Helen Hunt and Mel Gibson? The one where he electrocutes himself in the bathtub and can suddenly hear the thought of every woman around him?

Well, here at Modern Mississauga, we can promise you that didn’t happen to us. While we have nothing against taking baths, we feel electronics should be kept far, far away from water.

We were curious to hear what women in Mississauga wanted for Valentine’s Day, so we asked them through the power of the internet.

Below are responses from 15 different women about what they really want for Valentine’s Day.

2 dozen red roses are the BEST ever!!!
— Jennifer
I’d take a Tiffany bracelet Failing that, I’d like dinner and a movie.”
”Harvey’s and a movie! I know there’s a Cara food gift card kicking around here somewhere...
— Lauren and Paul (you can guess as to who said what here)
My favourite bouquet of flowers, and a clean house (to my standards). Cherry on top? A home cooked meal that I don’t have to cook (or clean up).
— Kat
Anything but dinner out on Valentine’s Day since anyone who has worked in the industry knows it’s one of the worst nights to eat out. Food takes forever and is usually half the quality it normally is. Some flowers are nice!
— Annie
It’s my birthday and I never get to go out... and if we do it’s crazy expensive and crazy busy. I’m usually happy with a heart shaped ice cream cake!
— Sandy
My husband and I have swapped Valentine’s Day for Bacontine’s Day. I make him a meal wrapped in bacon, and he brings the dessert.
— Elizabeth
A rose for every year we have been together, a home cooked meal, cupcakes from Westdale and tickets to go see Deadpool!
— Shanna
The perfect Valentine’s Day is just a romantic evening for the 2 of us, whether it’s skating then warming up by the fireplace with a hot chocolate or cooking a nice meal together and watching a movie. Valentine’s Day is so hyped up. It’s not about the fancy gifts or the money spent. It’s about the togetherness and sharing your love.
— Christina
A surprise...any kind of surprise. People who have been together a very long time become very predictable and the element of surprise is almost always gone after a short time into the relationship, so I say ‘guys even the smallest surprise goes a long way’...at least for me anyways.
— Gabriella
A deep and meaningful conversation...something that plucks that heart string that shows me again and again why I tell people you ‘are my home.’
— Arlene
All I want is a babysitter (takes the little one out of the house), loud fabulous sex with my husband, a long nap that I wake up to on my own, and a foot rub then another nap.
— Saara
Nice card, chocolate and flowers. I like the traditional, cheesy stuff.
— Meg
I would like an experience. Glass blowing, dog sledding, etc. I don’t want to plan it. I just want to be surprised and show up.
— Laura
I don’t want a gift for Valentine’s. I want a great dinner out at a nice restaurant followed by a slow full body massage with no expectations. Although, let’s be honest…Fun stuff will happen with me relaxed and happy.
— Diane
Jewellery. Always jewellery. But actually, I just want to go on a date. We don’t really do Valentine’s presents, but go out for dinner, or make something together.
— Rebecca