Towards Tomorrow by Toyota

Toyota is looking to make getting into their vehicles easier than ever thanks to their new interactive “Towards Tomorrow” campaign, hosted at the old Target location in Square One.

A couple of days before the March 5th launch, Modern Mississauga was invited to check out the interactive gallery, which showcases a few of their urban offerings, complete with friendly and enthusiastic product experts and cool technology.
With no tenant in sight to sign on the proverbial dotted line to occupy the space, Toyota Canada chose this location smartly as Square One’s transformation keeps rolling forward. It’s on the upper level and the easiest way to find the display is via the Moxie’s entrance.

Speaking with Cyril Dimitris, VP Sales, Toyota Canada about why they picked this location, he explained that with such a dense population by Square One and the tremendous amount of traffic it sees, it’s a great way to reach a large number of visitors that are tech savvy and need a smaller car for a bigger lifestyle.
Besides, what better setting to show off Toyota’s city-focused vehicles to the younger crowd (we’re looking at you, Millennials) than in one of Mississauga’s hubs.

With today’s car buying experience heavily researched online prior to setting foot in a dealership, Toyota has created this experience for prospective buyers (and any consumer, really) to look, touch and sit in their vehicles outside of a traditional dealership setting. There’s no sales pressure at all, which is a welcomed change from the stigma that generally surrounds dealerships.
They want you to engage with the vehicles on display, to ask questions and get an “up close and personal” look at what they have to offer.

On display are the new Scion iM (soon to be rebadged as the Toyota iM), a pair of “I’m not afraid of gas prices” Prius and Prius C models, and a hybrid Rav4.

On the tech side, there’s a station with virtual reality goggles, an interactive landscape where you can use an electronic can of spray paint to create a colourful landscape (that whole adult coloring thing is really taking off!) and for those with youngsters, there’s a play station (not to be mistaken for a baby sitting service, sorry parents).

There’s a very clean and modern layout to the exhibit. The space is utilized quite nicely and we’ve been told there will be test drive opportunities once the exhibit officially opens.

Running from March 5th until early June, the “Towards Tomorrow” interactive display courtesy of Toyota is worth checking out, regardless of where you are in the car buying cycle.