10 Modern Mother's Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, some of you may still be thinking of thoughtful ways to show your mother dearest just how much you love them. Here at Modern Mississauga, we love our mothers tremendously and want to share some great modern gift ideas.
There are the obvious forerunners for gifts, including chocolate and flowers and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with those at all. We’ve included some ideas that go quite well with the aforementioned or are wonderful on their own.

Peace and quiet

This is more for moms who have young children and are working 25 hours a day to do a great job of raising them. Give this hardworking mom a few hours to relax in any way she wants by taking the kids out to the park, an event, a play date, etc. 

Make her a meal

Between the recipes on our website, the “Tasty” cooking videos on Facebook and the millions of recipe sites out there, even the “is ice cube soup really a thing?” chefs out there can whip up a superstar meal that’ll make your mother proud and happy.

Take her out for a meal

If you’d rather have someone else do the cooking, there’s plenty of great venues in our city to take mom out to.
Some options include Mondello’s, STIR Kitchen (where they’re hosting a really cool Mother’s Day Jazz Brunch), Cagney's, Mother’s Day brunch at the Four Points Meadowvale and Mother’s Day High Tea at the Benares Historic house, among many others. Check with your favourite resto for their Mother’s Day plans.

Plan a short getaway or day trip

There’s a lot of cool stuff in Mississauga and there’s also some great day trip ideas that are just outside of the City if you want a change of scenery.
Niagara-On-The-Lake, Scandinave Spa, Living Water Resort, Hills of the Headwaters are all great options to whisk mom away for a day of fun that’s about an hour or so away.

Spend time with her unplugged

Put your cellphones away and go for a walk with mom. With an abundance of walking trails in Mississauga, complete with beautiful scenery, it’s a good way to enjoy the outdoors and each other’s company, uninterrupted. There’s no text/Facebook message/Tweet/Instagram post that can rival spending quality time with her.

Hand write her a letter

Whether you’re a Queen/King of calligraphy or have handwriting rivaling a doctor’s prescription note, taking the time and effort to hand write your mother a note telling her why you love and appreciate her will go a long way. 
Don’t text, email or social media mention this stuff, as easy as it can be.
It can be a few simple and effective lines or it can run a few pages. The point is that your mom is worth the effort.

Do something together

There are lots of courses/activities available through the city, including glass blowing and a plethora of arts & crafts classes. 
Why not do something that neither of you have done before and make it a great experience?
You just may stumble upon something that you both really like. Alternatively, you two can enjoy something you’re already fond of, whatever that may be.

Create a photo album

With the digital age of photography we live in, you could put together a social media album of your favourite pictures of mom and things that you associate with her.
If you’re the tangible type, get those pictures printed out, pick up a photo album and fill it with the pictures that’ll make your mom smile.

Do the dirty work for her

Spare your mom from doing at least one job around the house for a month (or more).
From raking leaves to cleaning the house to groceries to being an underpaid chauffeur and really anything in between, commit to one/some of these tasks for her. Moms are damn hard working and giving them a couple of hours to focus on something else will definitely be appreciated.

Library card/book/gift card to a bookstore

With 18 libraries across the city, there are several thousands of books available to us, let alone all the other great items that are available (music, e-books, magazines, etc).
If your mother doesn’t have a library card, head over to the closest one and sign her up for one.
What’s that you say…she’s already got one?
Ask her if there’s a certain book she’d like to have and grab it for her. Or, take the gift card route to your local bookstore so she can pick out something that may not be out yet. We hear those adult colouring books are a hot ticket item.

Whatever you decide to get your mom and however you decide to celebrate, we wish all the hard working and wonderful mothers out there a very happy Mother’s Day.