Modern Style: 6 ways to keep your hair looking beautiful between salon visits

Remember when you were young, when grandmothers and mothers would go to the salon every week for about an hour to get their hair set in rollers? After the rollers came out, their hairdresser would backcomb or tease their hair into place to give it that classic, beautiful look. In some ways, it transformed a salon visit into a social event.

 In today’s modern world, it’s puzzling to me that women that get weekly blowouts can be considered “princesses” for spending extra time on their appearance. I believe in the “look great, feel great” mantra and if it’s a weekly visit to the hair stylist/salon, as a regular part of their beauty upkeep, then so be it.
Investing in their appearance will only enhance their outlook and their confidence. When a business woman, a very busy mother, a devoted wife or all of the above gets pulled left, right and centre and everyone wants/needs a piece of her at the same time, the last thing she wants to worry about is her hair. Slotting a quick blowout at a salon will allow her to concentrate on the issues at hand, whether it be at work, at home or even at play. 

There’s a lot that happens to our hair during the summer months. If our hair is fine, curly, frizzy or limp, we can honestly say that dampness and humidity is not our friend. This is when we visit our hairstylist on a more frequent basis for those beautiful blowouts that combat things like humidity.

Regardless of frequency, we all want that gorgeous blowout look to last as long as possible until the next visit. Here are just a few simple tips. 

1. Use a satin or silk pillowcase

The softer and smoother, the better. The reduced friction (vs. a cotton pillowcase) will help maintain your blowout during the night.

2. Wrap your hair before showering or bathing

Moisture is the enemy of a good blowout. Wrap your hair turban-style with a thick terry towel, blocking any steam that may seep into your hair from a shower cap.

3. Use dry shampoo and hair clips

Halfway through the week if your hair starts to feel gritty, use a dry shampoo spray around the hair line. If your fringe is feeling oily at the roots with dry shampoo, pull your fringe back using a clip or headband.

4. Keep out of the rain

Again, you want to avoid moisture at all costs. Always keep an umbrella or hat handy in case of rain. 

5. Maintain using a curling iron...

As the week goes by, don't hesitate to use hot rollers or a curling iron to add some body and texture to your hair.

6. ...but work quickly

There are hair products purposely made to protect your hair from the heat of a styling tool. Since curling/flat irons cause more damage to our hair then blow dryers alone, work quickly when using hot elements.


If our grandmothers and mothers were able to have gorgeous, coiffed hair on a weekly basis, why can't we?  Even if it does mean seeing our stylist once, twice and possibly three times a week.
Our hair is an extension of our identity and shows the world a piece of who we are, so why not have it look great all the time?
Regardless of who’s styling your hair, the power of using the correct styling products and the proper use of styling tools is paramount. Not using the right products, tools and techniques will only cause increased "bad hair days." 

There may be times when for whatever reason your hair decides to not listen to you, this is when you put yourself and your hair in the hands of the professionals. Let's never feel guilty about investing in our hair - after all we wear it every day!