Fresh ideas for fun and games in Mississauga

Imagine this - you’re a full grown adult who has an inner kid that just wants to have fun. Gone are the days of hitting up the bar for Olympic-level drinking. Not that that doesn’t still happen, it just takes longer to recuperate. Sometimes, you want to leave your house and do activities that involve your mind and body in a different way. I’m talking about games. Just getting together with other humans and playing for the fun of it.

There are a few places in Mississauga where you can do just that. Trust me, I’ve been to all of them on a quest for fun in this great city! Here are my favourite places to frolic.

1.  Old School

Anyone old enough to remember will actually have been inside the building at 1325 Eglinton Avenue East many years ago when this place was Club 108. It was virtually a rite of passage in the 90’s in Mississauga.

Luckily, the people behind Old School have done a great job of transforming an old haunt into a cool lounge for adults.

Old School is complete with any nostalgic game you could imagine – they have pinball and arcade games, or you could try your hand at a game of pool, foosball or darts. What’s really cool about this place is you can book 1 of 2 miniature rec rooms. In each, you will find a set of comfortable couches for you and your guests, your own personal flat screen tv and a vintage game console with a variety of games.

2.  Playdium

Ah Playdium. I’ll never forget when it first opened in Mississauga. I thought it was revolutionary. Imagine a place that was filled with video games like some kind of kid casino. Now, it has evolved to include a larger variety of activities and new games are introduced regularly. In the summer, you can take the fun outside and enjoy one of Canada’s longest go-kart tracks, beach volleyball or batting cages. Who knew that something you enjoyed as a kid would still be a place you can come to as an adult? Maybe you could even bring your own kids along.

Ever wanted to be trapped in a room with some of your closest friends and figure out how to escape? Now you can do all this and more at Mississauga’s very own DeCode Adventures. With escape room games being a major trend these days, there is no shortage of them. But, this one is different. In addition to 6 different escape rooms to choose from, you can tease your brain in the De Café, which is basically a board gamer's heaven, offering an incredible selection of board games. DeCode Adventures also hosts board game social nights, which are a great way to meet new people, work on team building skills and maybe play a game you’ve never played before.

Tucked away at Heartland Town Centre, you will find the newly opened Ballers' Bistro. This place is literally in a class all it’s own as you won’t find anything like it in Canada. Here, you can play a game called Snookball. It’s basically like pool, but you play with your feet. What a concept! They have 3 average difficultly Snookball lounges and one advanced level lounge, which is supposed to up the challenge if you’ve mastered the game. If you’re looking to host a private party with friends or coworkers, there is a beautifully appointed private area at the back of the space with 3 additional Snookball lounges. Also, they offer something you’d typically see at a club but now can have at a chill and fun lounge – bottle service. Apparently, the food is also delicious which usually seems to be an afterthought at places like this - for example, they have a foie gras burger on their menu. How stylish is that?


How do you unwind with friends in Mississauga?  Share your ideas on social media and use the hashtag #funsauga to start the conversation.