Fling Golf launches in Mississauga at BraeBen Golf Course

What is Fling Golf?

There's a great description here, courtesy of our friends at the City of Mississauga about this exciting new modern sport:

Fling Golf is a fun new sport that is gaining momentum across the North America putting a whole new twist on the game of golf. While the basics of golf still apply, players will substitute their 13 clubs with just one Fling Stick™ (along with a normal golf ball). 
Players will play each of the 9 holes just as they would if they were playing traditional golf, executing each shot with their Fling Stick using a variety of techniques.
On the putting greens, each "putt" is played by using the Fling Stick to push the ball toward the hole.

It's a hybrid between golf, lacrosse and baseball. You still swing like you would a club/bat but instead if hitting a golf ball off a tee, it's nestled in a small chamber (like the netting of a lacrosse stick) and you fling your arms forward, releasing the ball forward. 
Or forward far left / forward far right in our case.

Here's a video of me flinging away, courtesy of the City of Mississauga:

Where can you play Fling Golf?

The only location in the GTA to enjoy Fling Golf is at our very own BraeBen Golf Course
5700 Terry Fox Way, Mississauga, ON L5V 2W2

How much does it cost to play Fling Golf?

  • $15 for adults
  • $10 for juniors and seniors
  • $35 for a family of four
  • $3 for the rental of a Fling Stick

Is there a dress code?

FlingGolf does have a dress code, which includes a collared shirt, golf pants or shorts and running shoes (so maybe don't wear your ripped jeans and AC/DC concert t-shirt with flip flops).

Image courtesy of the City of Mississauga

Image courtesy of the City of Mississauga

Have you actually tried Fling Golf, Modern Mississauga?

We sure have and it's a lot of fun, even though we'd never tried it before. Once you figure out your release point to get the ball moving as far as possible (which should take a handful of attempts), you'll be on your way. It's a great way to get active, learn a new sport, become good at it and enjoy the views of the city from beautiful BraeBen. Here's photographic proof!

Got any video of Fling Golf?

Yup. During an information session with Mark Sandercock, Supervisor, Head Golf Pro at BraeBen and Carley Smith, Senior Communications Advisor at the City of Mississauga, we managed to get a short video of Carley taking a couple of flings/shots.

I've never heard of Fling Golf, is it new?

It's new to Mississauga and the GTA, with Fling Golf being available here as of early June, 2016.
The same way Foot Golf was new last year, the City of Mississauga is creating ways to have residents and visitors engage in a new sport that's exciting, fun and family friendly.

Here's a video of Libby Norris, City of Mississauga's Manager of Fitness and myself chatting about Fling Golf:

Is there a website we can visit for more information?

Absolutely! Here are three:


Can we challenge Modern Mississauga to a round of Fling Golf where the loser buys lunch?

Sure, we're up for that (as long as you have a taste for ice cube soup).