CBC to broadcast the final Tragically Hip concert, Saturday, August 20th

For all the Tragically Hip fans that were shut out from buying tickets to the celebrated Canadian band's final tour due to ludicrous ticket pricing via the unregulated resale market, there's some good news. The CBC and the band have reached an agreement to air their August 20th performance at the Rogers K-Rock Centre.
They're broadcasting across various mediums, which include CBC-TV, Radio One, Radio 2, cbcmusic.ca and YouTube.

There was an outrage among normally polite, easy-going Canadians when all 15 concerts across Canada sold out nearly instantly, due to the grossly inflated price of resale seats via websites and scalpers reaching into the thousands of dollars.

Thanks to calls, emails, petitions and even old-school hand-written letters,  one of Canada's most celebrated, loved and respected bands will reach millions of people around the globe for their final stop in Kingston, their hometown, on their tour of Man Machine Poem, their 14th studio album.

The show will begin on Saturday August 20th at 8:30 p.m. EST, and will be broadcast from Kingston and streamed commercial-free.

Heather Conway, CBC's executive vice-president, English Services says:

"The Tragically Hip's enigmatic sound, their poignant and witty lyrics, and the unique, special relationship they have with their fans have helped define and influence our identity as Canadians. CBC and the Hip are so happy to be able to share this event with all Canadians and bring audiences across the country and around the world together to celebrate the moment."