18 fantastic walking and biking trails in Mississauga

As we're full swing into summer, it’s important to stay active and enjoy the outdoors to the fullest. Did you know that Mississauga has over 295 km worth of trails? To help take advantage of all Mississauga has to offer, here is a list with hiking and biking trails in Mississauga that will allow you to do just that.

The Britannia Trail

The Britannia Trail runs from Queen Street/Mississauga Road to Hurontario Street. There are also links to Streetsville, Culham Trail, and Heartland Shopping Centre. This is a multi-use trail so whether you’re hiking, cycling, or going for a stroll, this is a trail that would definitely be of use.

Burnhamthorpe Trail

The Burnhamthorpe trail runs from Loyalist Drive to Garnetwood Park. The trail is an uninterrupted path through the downtown with painted “crossrides” at selected intersections. There are links to Sawmill Valley Trail, Etobicoke Creek Trail, Glen Erin Trail, and Garnetwood Park. Burnhamthorpe Trail is also multi-use, so hikers, bikers, and in-line skaters can come on down and enjoy! 

Cooksville Creek Trail

The Cooksville Creek Trail is a quiet escape amidst the busy downtown Mississauga scene. Starting at Shipp Drive south of Rathburn, the trail is directly behind the first building. This pathway is a combination of gravel and paved trails leading towards Paisley Boulevard East. 

David J Culham Trail

The David J Culham Trail is a multi-use trail that includes/contains urban and natural settings alongside the Credit River. There are currently three sections within the park including the south section, The middle section, and the north section. The south section starts on Dundas Street to Barbertown Road. The middle section runs to Velebit Court from Church Street. The north section runs throughout Meadowvale Conservation Area. There are also connections to Erindale Park, Riverwood Community Centre, Streetsville Memorial Park, and the University of Toronto Mississauga. 

Etobicoke Creek Trail

The Etobicoke Creek Trail is multi-use and contains natural and urban scenery. The Mississauga portion of the trail includes two sections: Willowcreek Park, with a link to Centennial Park in Toronto and Eglington Avenue East through the western boundary of the Greater Toronto Airport and lands to Mount Charles Park.

Lake Aquitaine Trail

Lake Aquitaine Trail is multi-use and runs through Lake Aquitaine Park and south from Derry Road. Pedestrian walkways run from the trail, connecting schools, recreational facilities, and through neighbourhoods. The trail itself is 3.4 km, paved, and dogs must be leashed.

Lake Wabukayne Trail

Lake Wabukayne Trail is multi-use and connects with the Lake Aquitaine Trail at Battleford Road. This scenic trail goes through natural areas, within sight of various Meadowvale neighbourhoods, and on the opposite end it joins Winston Churchill Boulevard. The trail itself is 4.2km, paved, and dogs must be leashed.

Malton Greenway

Malton Greenway Trail is multi-use, travelling through Malton Village to Monica Drive from Goreway Drive. The trail itself runs through much green space, making it a key spot to look out for wildlife. This trail is particularly convenient for cyclists if you’re looking for an easy ride. Following Mimico Creek, the trail gives walkers, joggers, and cyclists the opportunity to observe various flora and fauna that use the creek as their home.

Pinchin Farm

Pinchin Farm was formerly an apple orchard, and is now 45 acres of land located on the east side of Mississauga Road, south of Eglinton Avenue. It is currently undeveloped parkland but is available for the public to stroll through the serene and natural environment.

Queensway Trail

The Queensway Trail is multi-use making it perfect for biking, walking, or jogging. The trail itself runs through the hydro corridor between Etobicoke Creek and Glengarry Road. There is an abundance of trees and greenery making it a scenic route for all those who decide to visit.

Rathburn Trail

The Rathburn Trail is multi-use, allowing opportunities for cycling, walking and jogging. The trail also provides connections to downtown Mississauga and Erindale GO. Running parallel to Rathburn Road between the City Centre Transit Terminal and Creditview Road, be sure to check this trail out for your next planned fitness outing. 

Sheridan Trail

Sheridan Trail is multi-use, runs parallel to Sheridan Park Drive and through the hydro corridor between Winston Churchill Boulevard and Homelands Drive. The length of this trail is 6 km, and it's open year-round for hikers, walkers, and cyclists.

Waterfront Trail

Lake Ontario Waterfront Trail is a total of 740 km. The Mississauga portion of the trail is a total of 13 km that provides links to Oakville, Adamson Estate, Credit Village, and Toronto. The trail itself is largely paved and welcomes all kinds of non-motorized transportation. This includes runners, walkers, cyclists, strollers, wheelchairs and rollerblades. 

Erindale Park Pathways

Erindale Park Pathways are situated within the largest park in the city, making it a perfect destination for cyclists, hikers and joggers. Enjoy the scenic and natural environment while using any of the trails. Running along the Credit River, there are kilometres of walking trails to use.

Garnetwood Park

Garnetwood Park is located between Mill Road and Ponytrail on Burnhamthorpe. This is a scenic park setting alongside the walking trails within the park. There is an abundance of parking and a seasonal public restroom.

 Glen Erin Trail

The Glen Erin trail is an on road connector trail that allows the use of bicycles on and off roads, through urban and natural settings. Developed through the City Master Plan, the trail begins at the South Common Community Centre, through Brookdale Community Centre, and over to the University of Toronto Erindale Campus, which then links in to the David Culham trails system. 

Waterfront Trail

Lakeside Park contains walking trails that connect down to the waterfront, where you can enjoy skipping stones and the beautiful scenery. The trail itself stretches from Etobicoke Creek to the Oakville Border. There are public restrooms available for use as well.

Rivergrove Trail

  The Rivergrove trail is a total of 2.8 km in distance. The trail is multi-use so can be used by joggers, hikers, cyclists or the occasional evening walk. The trail also runs along the Credit River and is surrounded by wildlife and an abundance of trees making for a very scenic walk, jog, or bike ride. 


Visit any one of these trails to help get the most out of the remaining summer! Hopefully this article will encourage you to take advantage of all that Mississauga has to offer in terms of being active and enjoying the great outdoors.

For a comprehensive map of trails courtesy of UTM, click here.