Keep cool this summer with this huge list of spray pads all over Mississauga

Beat the heat this summer at these cool and refreshing spray pads. What better way to spend time on a hot summer’s day than cooling down with some energizing fun?

The spray pads are free of charge and open to all in Mississauga. Generally the facilities open from 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM, weather permitting, from May 28 to mid September. As well, the spray pads in Mississauga have no standing water, keeping the risk of a possible drowning accident very minimal. Spray pads in Mississauga are not only a fun alternative, but a safe one too. Below you’ll find a list of some community parks and conservation areas that contain spray pads. Also, check the bottom of this post for an interactive map with all the locations listed. There’s sure to be one near you!

Churchill Meadows

The first of the many wonderful facilities in Mississauga includes the Churchill Meadows spray pad. Located on 3370 McDowell Drive (North of Thomas, West of 10th line) this location will satisfy the active and refreshing cravings of anyone wanting to enjoy.

Jack Darling Memorial Park

Another place to cool down this summer is the Jack Darling Memorial Park spray pad. Located on 1180 Lakeshore Road West and with Lake Ontario very close by, the atmosphere would be perfect for a nice summer’s day.

Frank McKechnie Community Centre

In addition to the places mentioned, you should also add the Frank McKechnie spray pad to your summer list. Located on 310 Bristol Road East, this is the perfect place to take kids, cool off, and enjoy the day. Beside the spray pad there is also a playground for kids to enjoy for double the fun.

Mississauga Valley Park

Another exciting place to visit this summer is the Mississauga Valley spray pad, located at 1275 Mississauga Valley Boulevard (Burnhamthorpe Road and Central Parkway).

Brickyard Park

The Brickyard Park spray pad is a great alternative to check out and enjoy, located at 3061 Clayhill Road.

Clarkson Community Centre

Somewhere else to visit this summer is the Clarkson spray pad. Located on 2475 Truscott Drive (East of Winston Churchill Boulevard and Truscott Drive), make plans to visit here to freshen and cool down your day.

Elmcreek Park

The Elmcreek park spray pad makes for a most refreshing and exciting destination. Keep cool by visiting this notable spray pad located at 7320 Darcel Avenue.

Fallingbrook Community Park

In addition to the places mentioned, be sure to check out the Fallingbrook Park spray pad. The pad is located at 5135 Fallingbrook Drive.

Floradale Park

Another spray pad within our city is in Floradale Park. This spray pad is located at 2424 Confederation Parkway.

Forest Glen Park

The Forest Glen spray pad also makes for a prime target location to visit this summer. You’ll find this spray pad on 3545 Fieldgate Drive.

Hershey Centre Sportzone South

Aside from being a community building offering many sports within and around the facility, the Hershey Centre Sportzone also contains a spray pad. Located at 715 Matheson Boulevard East, ease yourself on a sizzling summer day and visit this refreshing facility.

Huron Park

Somewhere else to add to the list of cooling and fun-filled spray pads is the one located at Huron Park on 830 Paisley Boulevard West.

Lakefront Promenade Park

The lakefront Promenade Park spray pad is definitely a popular destination to cool down any time during the summer. The spray pad just overlooks the waterfront along with various picnic tables surrounding the facility. Located at 800 Lakefront Promenade, this spray pad would be the perfect place for a nice summer’s day.

Neebin Park

Another place to visit this summer is the Neebin Park spray pad at 635 Kaiser Drive. Come and enjoy a day and refresh yourself in this exceptional space.

Qenippenon Meadows

Be sure to add the spray pad in Qenippenon Meadows to your summer to-do list. Located at 2625 Erin Centre Boulevard, come and enjoy all there is to offer in this great facility.

South Common Park

The South Common Park spray pad is also an ideal location to refresh you and beat the heat. Go out and head to 3555 Glen Erin Drive to visit this reviving location for a great outdoor experience.

Huron Heights

In addition to the places mentioned, the Huron Heights spray pad is another destination worth keeping in mind for any future summer plans. You’ll find this spray pad located at 4500 Central Parkway East (Between Eglinton, East of Hurontario).

As you can see from the list above, there are plenty of options in and around Mississauga to help stay cool this summer. Remember to bring all that you’ll need to enjoy the day, so put on your sunscreen, grab some towels and drinks, and come visit one of the many spray pads in our city!