Where to find McDonald's all-day breakfast in Mississauga

When the US got all-day breakfast at Mcdonald's at the end of 2015, all we could do in the Great White North was look on with jealousy. Rumours went flying that Canada would get the same thing shortly, but all we got was all day Egg McMuffins at the standalone McCafé at Union Station.

Well, friends, our long national nightmare is finally over - McDonald's breakfast is now available all day at the following Mississauga locations:

  • Eglinton & Winston Churchill (2965 Eglinton Ave W.)
  • Hurontario & Bristol (44 Bristol Rd E.)

Based on this map provided by Global News, it looks like these are some of the only locations in the GTA providing this valuable service, with an additional location in Brampton and several east of Toronto (and most notably, zero locations in Toronto proper). Looks like those who live in "The Six" will have to trek out to the 905 to get their all-day breakfast fix.