How to keep your 2017 fitness resolutions

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It’s four weeks into 2017 and for many who have started a new “diet” and joined a gym, they have already thrown in the towel and given up on their fitness resolutions. I’ve already noticed that the crowd at the gym is thinning out!
It happens year after year. But you can’t expect to see different results from the same old actions and mind set. This year, let’s try something different and get ready to set yourself up for success.

You’ve set big lavish goals and are ready to tackle them. Why settle for anything less? When you first set a goal, you’re full of energy and completely motivated. It may feel great at first, but it can also get overwhelming and you’ll probably want to quit. Try committing yourself to smaller goals and you’ll be amazed at how a few minor changes and actions can give you BIG results. Realistically, most people can’t make it to the gym every day, but they can be active for at least ten minutes a day! Change doesn’t happen over-night, so I would recommend building a strong foundation with smaller goals and the results will slowly follow.

Many of us are looking for instant gratification. We want to see results overnight! But it takes time, energy and effort to reach goals. It’s not a short-term fix. Learn how to embrace the journey. I love the challenges and results I see every day. Feel the burn in your muscles as you train. Make healthy cooking fun and delicious. Once you realize and accept that with a little bit of hard work and commitment, over time, it will become a habit and part of your new lifestyle.  

We all have obstacles that may throw us off course and can be challenges during your fitness journey. For example, if you had a hard day at work and feel stressed, you may be tempted to eat a bag of cookies when you get home. Try to identify and become aware of the things that have lead you to failure in the past and have a plan to take action against it. Take a relaxing hot bath or try some meditation instead. Stress and challenging situations won’t go away, so take a few moments to focus on your goals daily and remind yourself how important they are to you and your health. 

Listen to your body. Don’t be afraid to ‘tweak’ your goals as time goes by. Life happens and we are continually changing. Modify your goals if needed and when the going gets hard, don’t give up.

Remember, no one is perfect. Be kind to yourself. We all slip up and make mistakes. But don’t beat yourself up over it. Try your best, forgive yourself, and keep moving forward. Now, get back to your goals and crush them!

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