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Meal delivery services have become an incredibly popular way to enjoy the nutrition and comfort of a home-cooked meal in a fraction of the time. It’s not hard to see why either. Sources like Huffington Post state that the market is worth hundreds of millions of dollars and counting as consumers are drawn to the convenience of at-home delivery.

The team at took a look at a variety of meal delivery services to find which ones worked best, and outlined factors to consider when choosing what’s right for you:

1) Nutritional Value: When you handle all aspects of preparing a meal, you have control over the nutritional value of the meal. Many leading services do offer subscription boxes that fit within the parameters of a healthy diet, but it’s still important to look into exactly what is in the meal before committing.

2) Skill Level: the best companies for meal delivery are those that are accessible to chefs of all skill levels. Keep in mind that some recipes also call for specialized kitchen utensils, and this will be something to look into before making your decision.

3) Environmental Impact: In this day and age, it’s essential to be conscious of how much waste we create. Meal delivery boxes tend to be high on packaging materials, but also keep in mind that they reduce food waste by sending exact amounts of ingredients.

So which meal delivery service was the best? In this case, the team found HelloFresh to be the leader.


HelloFresh had high marks in all three of the above criteria.This services offered highly nutritious meals that were also incredibly convenient and high-quality in the end product.

Unlike almost every other meal delivery service, HelloFresh delivers each day of the week (with some limitations on service in certain areas). They also offer a five day cancellation policy, making them an incredibly convenient option. Considering how packaging-heavy meal delivery tends to be, they were as eco-friendly as possible, opting for paper bags so that a minimal amount of ingredients need to be put in plastic.

Of course, the food was also delicious. The meals that came in the sample delivery were markedly different from each other, keeping mealtime exciting and interesting while still making it convenient after a long day.

So what else is available in Mississagua?

Chef’s Plate

Offering fresh ingredients in a refrigerated box, Chef’s Plate makes sure that their food is safely stored should the box be delivered when you’re not home. Much of the food is local and seasonal, and they offer a variety of types of cuisines. Chef’s Plate makes dinnertime easy by having exact quantities of each ingredient delivered to minimize waste.

Fresh City Farms

Fresh City Farms opts for organic ingredients for their produce and groceries and delivers food in recipe bags. Their offerings include vegan and gluten-free options, and meal plans can be customized based off of the size of the meal. Fresh City Farms’ unique and responsible sourcing is available only in Toronto, North York, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Dundas, Hamilton and parts of Markham and Vaughan.

The Jolly Table

The Jolly Table is an excellent choice for anyone looking for savory, eclectic options with flexible shipping. Customers can choose to receive boxes weekly or even on a singular basis if that fits their lifestyle better. The Jolly Table utilizes fresh, seasonal ingredients to ensure sustainable sourcing.

Food Trip To...

For those looking to explore further, Food Trip To… is a great way to try international foods on a monthly basis. Food boxes and recipes come in the theme of a particular country. This service differs from the others listed as customers will still need to purchase fresh ingredients themselves, though Food Trip To… keeps things spicy with cultural facts and even a playlist from the selected country.

Overall, choosing a meal delivery service that's right for you comes down to a variety of factors, and is deeply rooted in personal preference. You can check out the full article from here: ttps://