Modern Mississauga Presents Ask The City - What do I do with my pumpkin after Halloween?


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Today’s question is about what to do with your Halloween leftovers….pumpkins that is, not candy!
(And no, do not treat them like a grunge band from the 90's based out of Chicago with a front man named Billy.)

What do I do with my pumpkin after Halloween?

Pumpkins, even the ones you’ve carved into scary and fun jack-o’-lanterns, can be placed inside your organics cart for collection. 
In Mississauga, the Region of Peel provides waste management services to the more than 1 million residents in Brampton, Mississauga and Caledon.
Most Peel neighbourhoods use carts to dispose of household waste. Organic waste that can be turned into compost goes in your organics (green) cart. 

Remember to remove the candle and wax before you place it in the cart. Organics are collected every week. To find out when your waste will be collected, visit
Keeping pumpkins and other organics out of the garbage and landfill is good for the environment and helps to create a rich, renewable resource - compost - which can be spread on a garden to enrich the soil. 

Many communities also host, “Pumpkin Parties” or “Pumpkin parades” after Halloween. These events provide a fun opportunity to light those jack-o’-lanterns one last time!
On November 1, head over to Bradley Museum, for Park Your Pumpkin.
Wander the pumpkin lit paths while enjoying music, cider, cookies, family activities and a candle lit tour of our local gem,  the Bradley Museum.
Drop off your pumpkin before or bring it with you and stay for the festivities.

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Happy Halloween