5 facts you never knew about the Mississauga Transitway



Since the first four stations  opened in 2014, thousands of riders have experienced a faster and easier commute along the Mississauga Transitway – travelling on four dedicated routes across the city (MiExpress routes 110, 109 and 107 and MiLocal route 21). But there’s more to the transitway than just improving your commute. Here are five facts you never knew about the Mississauga Transitway:

1. It’s the first dedicated bus-only corridor in the Greater Toronto Area


As a key component of Ontario’s Smart Growth strategy, the Mississauga Transitway is the first dedicated, bus-only corridor in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). It will be part of a 100km-wide initiative from Oakville to Pickering

2. There’s public art at eight transitway stations


From interactive glass, to bronze sculptures, to touch-activated lights, eight City of Mississauga-built stations contain art installations as part of the “Building Colour” project, by local artist Panya Clark Espinal.
Marvel at the art on your commute at these stations: Central Parkway, Dixie, Etobicoke Creek, Tomken, Tahoe, Spectrum, and Orbitor.

3. The transitway bypasses construction

Significant construction on the Eglinton Ave bridge over Etobicoke Creek this year caused major congestion along Eglinton. However, routes travelling across Eglinton were detoured onto the transitway between Dixie and Orbitor stations, bypassing construction and easing congestion. The transitway provided customers with an alternate way to travel – ensuring they arrived at their destination with no construction-related delays. 

4. Police, Fire, and Ambulance can use the transitway

Emergency service vehicles are permitted to travel along the transitway.  Mississauga Fire, Peel Regional Police and Peel Paramedic Services use the transitway to bypass traffic and reach their destinations faster.

5. 6.5% of MiWay service is dedicated to the transitway


That translates into 93,468 service hours to move you across the city. MiWay continues to invest in improved transit service along this key corridor. Stay tuned for more planned improvements in 2018!

Find out more about MiWay and try the Mississauga Transitway today!