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Today’s question comes from a reader who is curious about adopting a pet from Mississauga Animal Services.

How do I adopt a pet in Mississauga?

Choosing to adopt your new pet from Mississauga Animal Services has many advantages and can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

If you’re interested in the adoption process, you can view all available pets online. The Petfinder tool is regularly updated and contains information about each pet including their age, if they have been spayed or neutered and personality details. It is important to review these details carefully, as often times there are pets who would do best without other animals in the home or have specific care requirements.

Once you find a pet you’re interested in, you can visit Animal Services. This is the time to get acquainted with your future pet. Animal Services staff strongly recommends playing with the cats and other small animals or taking the dogs for a walk to make sure your chosen pet is the right choice for your family.

After this important step, Animal Services staff will consult with you to ensure your lifestyle and living environment is ideal for the pet you’d like to adopt.

All cats and dogs have received their first set of vaccinations, been microchipped and are spayed or neutered before adoption, provided they are old enough to have the procedure.

Adoption prices vary and start at $121 for dogs, $20 for cats and $7 for small animals. Your first-year pet license is included in these fees.

If you have any further questions about adopting a pet, you can contact Mississauga Animal Services at 3-1-1 or by email at

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