Cool Christmas Markets outside of Mississauga

Christmas, although supposed to be the most wonderful Time of the year (to quote that holiday song played incessantly over the holidays) is also one of the most stressful. Not only do you have to figure out all of those family dinners, but you also have to start thinking about gifts for everyone in your life, and start shopping for them like yesterday. Amidst all the busy, crazy, shoppers you’re lulled into the mindset of “oh, I’ll just come back when it’s less busy”. Well, newsflash- it only gets worse! To help with all the hustle and bustle of one of the most commercial holidays of the year, I’ve compiled a list of three different Christmas markets around the GTA to help with the shopping! 

The great thing about Christmas markets is that you can find gifts for everyone on your list in one go. They have home décor, sweet treats, clothing, jewellery, toys-anything you could possibly think of! And one of the best things about these markets? Lots of this stuff is beautifully crafted and home made. So unique you won’t have any issues with repeat or duplicate gifts! Without further adieu, here are my top three Christmas markets! 

The Orillia Market


It's not exactly a “Christmas” market by name, it pops up on people’s radars in the Christmas season. At this market you can find tasty treats like Texas sized donuts, or amazing smelling candles, perfect for yourself or as a gift! Among this, you can also find trinkets, toys, and beautiful decorations, all of which not breaking the bank! 

Toronto Christmas Market


No way could I leave this holiday tradition for many off of the list. With the numerous food, gift, and drink vendors found here, you don’t have to travel far to fully immerse yourself in the Holly jolly spirit of Christmas. 

Blue Mountain Christmas Market


First place goes to the Blue Mountain Christmas market. Since Blue Mountain is the place to go for all your winter activity needs, it’s only fitting the winter kingdom would have a Christmas Market too! Taking place all throughout December, you’ll find horse drawn sleigh rides, bustling Christmas shops, as well as the usual ski and snowboarding! In the winter, you can almost picture Santa and his elves working away in this perfect Christmastime village!