Modern Travel - Jamaican Adventures in Paradise

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Jamaica is a playground in paradise. While most people choose to vacation here for the beaches and resorts, as an island destination, Jamaica has so much more to offer. Tons of activities and places to explore await the adventurous. And with both WestJet and Air Canada offering multiple non-stop flights daily, you can start your fun in the sun in about four hours. From the Blue Mountains to the waterfalls to the rainforests, adventure awaits those who seek a more active vacation.
Here are some of our favorite ways to have your next adventure on Jamaica.

Blue Mountain Bike Tour

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These tours are perfect for those who love adventure and coffee! While there are many tours to choose from, we suggest the one from Ocho Rios, which includes a beautiful downhill ride with spectacular views and brunch served with Blue Mountain coffee. Then, wrap up the tour with a cool dip in a secluded waterfall.

Rastafari Indigenous Village


The Rastafari Indigenous Village is a unique experience to Jamaica, so should not be missed. Considered a religion, Rastafari is also a way of life in Jamaica where it began and is deeply rooted in its people. Visiting the village will give you a true understanding of this culture. Upon entering the grounds, you will be greeted and invited to cross the river by foot and take a beautiful short hike to the village. Once there, you will have the opportunity to enjoy organic foods from their gardens, listen to drumming and a music session in their sacred space, and see some practiced trades. As they say, you will “full joy” this experience.

Chukka Adventures

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Offering activities all over Jamaica, we have enjoyed many Chukka Adventures over the years. Two we highly recommend are spending a day at Good Hope Estate and/or at Cranbrook Rainforest Gardens. Good Hope is an adult adventure playground. We love to start our day on one of the zip lining courses, followed by an ATV ride through the plantation with amazing views, and then tube down the river to the new water park area. Lunch is served riverside and afterwards, you can enjoy some relaxation, hit the water slide, or hang out at the waterfalls. 

Cranbrook Rain Forest Gardens offers similar adventures, but you can also choose activities such as thrilling cliff jumping and horseback riding. Just imagine galloping along the crystal blue Caribbean and arriving on a white sand beach, where you continue to ride to cool down your horse in the clear waters. We did say Jamaica is a playground in paradise.

Resort Activities

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Resorts these days offer a multitude of activities to keep their guests happy and entertained, both onsite and off. Jamaican resorts are no different. Most recently, we stayed at the Moon Palace in Ocho Rios, which offers a ton of activities for the adventure lover. While you will find all the traditional water activities, including multiple pools, stand up boards, kayaks, paddleboats, and catamarans, there is also a flow rider! If you’ve ever wanted to surf, but were afraid to learn in the ocean, this surf machine is for you. Perfect for young and old, you can start lying face down on the body board and work your way to standing! 

In addition, these resorts offer activities such as golf and tennis and kids’ camps, so there is something for everyone. And when you are done with the adventure, head for the spa .The Moon Palace Awe Spa is the ultimate in relaxation. With your personal attendant guiding you through a wonderful hydrotherapy before your massage, the spa offers both a beautiful setting and a relaxing environment.

 Falmouth Food Tours


Looking for a little culinary adventure? We highly recommend the Falmouth Food Tours by Jamaica Culinary Tours. You set off on foot with your guide and enjoy the culinary delights of Jamaica. From sweet treats and hand pies to the famous Jamaican jerk, you will taste the best of the island on this half-day tour. The outing also takes in the Farmers Market to taste local produce and fresh coconut water. 

Whether you choose to sit on the beach or fly through the rainforest on a zip line, there is just something about Jamaica that will keep you coming back. To find out more or to book your adventures in Jamaica, a great place to start is Visit Jamaica.