6 cool places to go sledding near Mississauga

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As December has just begun, gracing us with (so far) only rain and harsh winds. In light of the snow that hasn’t fallen yet, I’ve compiled a list of the six best places to go sledding around Mississauga! 

Appleby College

Appleby College Hill 1 torontofunplaces.com.jpg

Kids have been coming here for years. 40 years to be exact. Nothing wrong with ol’ faithful right? This hill is found in Oakville ,so depending on where you’re coming from, it’s practically in your backyard! This hill is perfect for anyone wanting a fun day out in the winter wonderland we have yet to be graced with. 

Heartland Conservation Area
This park is located in Brampton, with big and little hills for everyone. This park does get pretty busy during the winter season so you better be prepared for quite the crowd. It’s pretty close to home, so you certainly won’t have to drive far to join in on all the fun. 

Chinguacousy Park
This park is found in Brampton. Also available here is skiing and snowboarding, so if tubing isn’t necessarily your idea of excitement, there are plenty of things to do to keep you occupied.  There’s a lodge right there so you can warm up if you get too cold, or just want to take a break and charge your batteries for the next round! 

Glen Eden Tubing Park


This park operates like a ski or snowboard lodge. You get towed up the hill, and then you get to have the thrill of your life tubing down the fastest hill you’ve probably ever been down. As I said, you get pulled up the hill, so you don’t even have to waste your energy hiking all the way up yourself! You do have to pay to use this park, but the thrill outweighs the cost, right? Totally worth it. 

Bolus Gardens Hill
This hill is steep, and definitely more for the older thrill seekers. Don’t worry, it’s plenty wide enough so you won’t have to worry about running into other adrenaline junkies on your way down. Located in Burlington, it’s a wonder what you can find in your own backyard! 

Blue Mountain


This place takes the number one position on my list because it’s a triple threat- it has snowboarding, skiing, and sledding all in one. Perfect for every type of adventure seeker. If you’re more of an indoor kind of person, don’t worry! They have just the thing for that. Blue Mountain isn’t just known for their fantastic winter sports, but they also have their renowned spa, for all those people who would rather pamper themselves than brave the cold, snowy hills. 

So, now that the snow has yet to have fallen, and the weather yet to have dropped below zero, enjoy this list of places to get your fix of winter fun once the winter wonderland arrives! After all, this is Canada, what’s winter without snow? It’s coming, and this list will have you prepared!