Why there is no such thing as a "Life Hack"


For those unfamiliar with the term "Life Hack", it's described as "any trick, shortcut, skill, or novelty method that increases productivity and efficiency, in all walks of life."
In reality, there's absolutely no such thing as a "Life Hack" and here's why:

People often want to find the secret. The shortcut. The magical method that others have used that has made them successful.
People want the secret so much they go to motivational seminars, hire life coaches as gurus buy tons of self-help books on this stuff. Billions of dollars are spent each year figuring out how to do something that many other people have done... but there must be a better way!!
“OMG you’ve lost so much weight? Tell me about your diet is it paleo? keto? Intermittent fasting? It must be bulletproof coffee!”
“Wow I can’t believe you get up to workout at 6am everyday, I could never do that. What’s your secret to getting up so early?”
I could go on with these examples for ever.


The fact is that these people don’t have hacks. They just do it. You wanna lose weight? You eat less calories than your body expends. You do that for more days than you eat over what your body needs and you’ll lose weight.
You want to work out at 6am? You set your alarm for 5am. Then you wake up and get to the gym.
It’s. Just. That. Simple.

The underlying problem is that most people tend to give up with the slightest bit of friction.
“I didn’t feel like waking up this am I was so tired”.
“I can’t eat right it’s Christmas time and I have so many parties to go to”.
The thing is the people that get stuff done have to deal with the same BS as everyone else. But when it comes to a friction point they find a way to work around it.
Tired at 6am? Maybe go to bed earlier instead of watching Netflix till 11pm. Maybe 10pm. Maybe 9pm.
Can’t say no to the pastries? Drink two protein shakes and a gallon of water before you go to your next party. You’ll be so full and busy running to the washroom you won’t be able to even think about eating.
Don’t get me wrong, finding out how other people deal with their frictions is how we learn. What worked for you might also work for me. But don’t try to find the hack. There’s no way to be less tired than to sleep more. There’s no way to lose weight without eating less food. There’s no way to workout at 6am without getting your ass in the car at 5:30 and driving.
It’s not about motivation. It’s not about a magic trick. It’s not about a 30 day life hacking plan where you run 5km in your underwear in 0 degree temperature to help your body burn fat after you've had your coffee with grass fed butter to break your 18 hour fast to improve your insulin sensitivity and boost growth hormone levels.
It's about doing the boring stuff and acknowledging that you've just gotta push through the friction to reach your goals.


P.S., - Overcoming the friction is what makes any accomplishment an accomplishment because that's the point at which most other people give up. The relative scarcity of most achievements, the fact that you can't have it all and you chose to get this one thing, is what makes your achievements worth celebrating and being proud of.