Restaurant profile: George’s Greek Grill

Husband and wife team George and Rosanne have taken the entrepreneurial plunge and opened up a quaint Greek restaurant that aims to put a modern spin on traditional Greek and Mediterranean fare.
They’ve opened the doors as of March 30th at Bloor and Cawthra, have an army of support from family and friends, great menu offerings and a positive, smart, customer service focused and ambitious attitude.
We sat down with them to learn more about George’s Greek Grill.

Signature food items

Well, homemade and traditional Greek food is their main attraction…however, they have this absolutely delicious and mouthwatering offering called “Chicken Delight” that’s incredibly great tasting (yes, I tried it and it was gone in a couple of minutes!) It’s tender grilled chicken breast, tomatoes, red onions and the special (and very secret) 3G’s sauce. I have a feeling it’s going to be their signature item. They also have a good selection of burgers and a wonderful butternut squash soup. Oh, and their Avgolemono soup tastes tremendously great as well! 
Coming in a few months will be traditional Greek coffee, which is cool because it’s heated via sand.

Short description

Fresh, new, unique, family-oriented and great value.

Seating capacity

The folks at George’s are geared towards take out only so that you can enjoy their great food in the comfort of your own home. 

Type of food

As the name suggests, traditional Greek food that’s homemade using fresh ingredients and made with care. There are also vegetarian options and gluten-free options available on request. They also use Halal chicken in their meals.

Chef’s bio

George spent over 30 years in the corporate world and recently decided to change gears and open up this restaurant, with the idea coming a couple of years ago. Speaking to his wife, Rosanne, she says that it was a huge life change but after the initial shock, it was the right time to do it. 
George, while he doesn’t have formal culinary training, has plenty of real life experience as he’s gone on a plethora of fishing trips, where he cooks what he catches, as well as hundreds of hours manning the BBQ. His sister owns a Greek Grill in Windsor and he spent a fair amount of time there improving his skills. And like all smart men, he learned from a smarter woman, mainly his mother, on the details of traditional Greek fare.

What can customers expect?

This small yet mighty family-owned restaurant will consistently serve up tasty, healthy, fresh Greek food with outstanding customer service.



Price range

Mid-range price for high quality, authentic Greek food with a modern twist.


Sunday to Wednesday: 11 am to 8pm
Thursday to Saturday: 11 am to 9 pm

Contact information

622 Bloor Street (just a touch west of Cawthra)

Check them out on social media:
Twitter: @gsgreekgrill
Instagram: @gsgreekgrill1