4 Popular Diets in 2017

As we become comfortable with 2017 and the “new year, new me” shenanigans begin to fade, we realize that our resolutions are increasingly difficult to maintain. Gym memberships go unused, eating habits suffer and some of us slowly but surely return to our old ways. 
That being said, the diet industry in Canada continues to rapidly expand and these 4 diets seem to be the hottest fads of the year:

The Whole 30

Main Idea: Eat real food such as meat, veggies, some fruit, seafood and pretty much anything that either grows in the ground or makes a farm animal noise. 
Avoid sugar, legumes, alcohol, dairy, grains and any kind of preservative (MSG and sulfites). 
And you do this for 30 consecutive days.

Pros: Reset your digestive system by consuming real foods and lose weight while eating what you enjoy. 

Cons: You must read the ingredients of everything you buy. Companies tend to sneak sugar and preservatives into foods that you might least expect. Opt for foods with 4 ingredients or less and names that you can pronounce. 


Main Idea: Not exactly a “diet” but rather a way of life. By following the 80/20 rule you eat real, fresh and nutritious food 80% of the time, while splurging and eating whatever you want the other 20% of the time. 

Pros: You won’t really experience cravings and can enjoy certain foods that you might normally feel guilty about eating. 

Cons: You must monitor the 20% and ensure that you consistently stick to it. 

The Ketogenic Diet

Main Idea: A low carb diet that is designed to result in Ketosis – a metabolic state in which the body burns fat as energy, in the form of Ketones. 

Pros: Weight loss is inevitable as the body becomes a fat-burning-machine. 

Cons: Low energy and fatigue are common during the first few days of the Ketogenic Diet. 

Weight Watchers

Main Idea: Weight Watchers does not restrict any foods. By using a point system, food and activity levels are monitored and strategically calculated. 

Pros: If desired, group support is available. The program is designed to increase the intake of fruits, veggies and lean protein. 

Cons: A fee is required to participate in the program. There are two separate prices – one for the group support approach and one strictly for online participation.

If you are considering trying one of the Fad Diets of 2017, thoroughly do your research first and choose the option that best suits your lifestyle to set yourself up for success.