Emerald Ash Borer Continues to Alter Mississauga’s Tree Canopy

A highly invasive and destructive beetle – Emerald Ash Borer (EAB), continues to infest Mississauga’s Ash tree population. Prior to the presence of EAB, Ash trees represented roughly 10 percent of Mississauga’s tree canopy. 

Since confirmation of its presence in Mississauga in 2008, EAB has infested Ash trees in all City wards. Mississauga City Council approved a 10-year EAB Management Program in 2012 which includes treating viable City-owned Ash trees on streets and in parks as well as removing dead and hazardous Ash trees. 

The City has inspected all city-owned Ash trees on streets and in parks and continues to inspect trees in woodlots.  For every tree removed through the EAB program, a replacement tree will be planted or, in cases where the location doesn’t allow for a new tree, one will be planted nearby within the same neighbourhood. To learn more about EAB, visit mississauga.ca/eab

Do you have an Ash tree on your property?
If you have an Ash tree on your property, consult a certified arborist for an assessment of its health. A dead or dying tree can be a safety issue and should be professionally removed from private property by certified arborists. Property owners are responsible for trees on their property including the cost of removal for dead trees. For information on tree removal, residents may call 3-1-1 or visit mississauga.ca/privatetreebylaw  

How can you help?
Residents can help the City by treating or removing Ash trees on their property in consultation with a certified arborist. You can also help the City in rebuilding its tree canopy through the City’s One Million Trees project, aiming to plant one million trees and shrubs in Mississauga by 2032.
For more information, visit onemilliontrees.ca