Get A ‘Swimsuit Body’ This Summer - Finding Confidence In Wearable Swim Fashion

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The sun is out and it’s time to start thinking of swimwear for all those weekend getaways, pool time, or summer vacations. While the struggle to find a proper fitting and fashionable suit is most definitely real, there is no way you should forgo a fun-filled summer due to the lack of a killer bikini or one piece.
We went to Canada’s leading swimwear retailer and asked Lori Bacon, Swimco’s president and owner, for her top tips for getting it right!

Lori Bacon, Swimco’s president and owner

Lori Bacon, Swimco’s president and owner

Q: So what would you say is the best way to get a “Swimsuit Body”?
L: I’d say just have a body, and put on a swimsuit! Every body is a swimsuit body. I say toss any hang-ups you have aside, and get ready for fun. Swimwear is your passport to exciting times in and near the water.

Q: How do you find the right swim style?
L: Make sure whatever styles you look at will help give you confidence! If you love your legs, show them off! And if you prefer to minimize a certain area, there are options for that too. Then think if the suit is for a specific occasion, like a girls’ Vegas trip or going to the pool with your kids. Think of what you’re using the suit for, and then finding the right style will be an easy pick. 

Q: How can you find a perfect fit?
L: Swimwear doesn’t fit like street clothes, so be ready to find your sizing different from other stores. Trying things on is a must. Also, a lot of people don’t realize you can get cup sized swimwear, so busty gals can still find fantastic, on-trend pieces that offer the proper amount of support.

Q: Do you feel getting professional help is important?
L: The girls at our stores know swimwear inside and out, but it’s also more than that. My mother, who started Swimco in the ‘70s, taught us to treat customers as friends. It makes the entire experience so much more enjoyable when you’re talking to someone who really cares about finding you that amazing fit.

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