Everything you need to know about the 2017 Port Credit Buskerfest

What if the world was full of laughter, clowns, circus performers, and living characters that you would only see in your dreams? Well…in Port Credit for 3 entire days this world will be a reality. The Port Credit Busker Festival will bring together the greatest performers from all over the world to create a whimsical fantasy land filled with family friendly entertainment, activities, local vendors, great food and community.

There will be Big Nazo and award winning larger than life monster puppet band that will perform in Memorial Park Friday August 18th to kick off the entire festival. Followed by busker shows and roving entertainment from more than 30 of the most interesting performers you have ever seen! Including, jugglers, acrobats, unicyclists, contortionists, world record holders, clowns, musicians, balloon artists, face painters and a performer who puts rubberbands on his face…just to name a few.

In addition to all the new busking acts never before seen in Port Credit, we have created a spectacular and safe Kids Zone which will feature stage shows designed for a younger audience and memorable interactive large scale art actives, like “car art”, all free of charge!
What's "car art" you ask? Well, it's an opportunity for kids to actually paint a car! Regardless of the artistic level of your youngster, bring them out and have them experience this cool aspect of Buskerfest!

Also, seeing as it's summer, we encourage you to bike down to experience Buskerfest and we've made it easy to do so!
At the entrance to the Port Credit arena, there will be a bicycle and stroller valet service offered for free!

But wait, there's more!
Why take a walking tour of Port Credit? Because there is far too much depth and complexity to this gem of a city to appreciate it from a tour bus or atop a ludicrous Segway. Port Credit is known as one of the greatest cities in the world, but even the residents of this "Paris, but BETTER!," city don't know its fascinating history. One part ghost tour, one part history tour, one eighth architecture tour, and five sixteenths food tour, this in depth examination of the pride of Canada will leave you happy, leave you smarter, and will surely leave you in the city that every soul on earth wants to live in, Port Credit!
There will be two tours beginning at 7:45 on Friday and running from noon to 6 Saturday and Sunday.

The Festival opens at 7PM in Memorial Park with our Opening Ceremonies and runs until 11PM throughout the Port Credit Downtown. Continuing Saturday August 19th from noon – 11pm and Sunday from noon until our final closing group show at 7pm.
MP Sven Spengemann, Mayor Crombie and Councillor Jim Tovey will be on hand for the opening ceremonies as well.

Also, to put on an event of this size to cater to the nearly 100,000 visitors we'll see this year, we need the help of our community and those include our nearly 100 volunteers who put in thousands of collective hours to make Buskerfest a continued success.
Feel free to give them a high-five when you see them during the event!

For complete details and information on all the performers and festival events please visit www.portcreditbuskerfest.com