The city of Mississauga continues to engage the local tech community

Are you looking for an opportunity to get involved with the local tech community in Mississauga?  The City of Mississauga’s Information Technology (IT) division works with a number of local partners to provide opportunities for tech savvy individuals to network with fellow tech enthusiasts, gain valuable experience and get involved with the local tech community. 

Local Meetups

Local tech meetups are a great way to engage with like-minded individuals who share a passion for technology. The City is a supporter of HackerNest, a global non-profit tech community which recently celebrated their one year anniversary operating in Mississauga. HackerNest Mississauga events are held bi-monthly at venues throughout the city.
Visit for more information.

Open Data

The City is a strong advocate of the Open Data movement.  In 2016, the City launched a new Open Data catalogue to provide data sets to residents and businesses.  Today, the catalogue includes over 100 data sets ranging from election data to real-time transit feed data.  Earlier this year, the City’s Open Data Working Group was recognized with the Public Sector Digest’s “Most Improved” Award for the 2016 Open Cities Index.  
View the City’s open data catalogue at

Measuring Local Internet Performance

The City and the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) recently launched a six-month pilot program asking residents and businesses to test the speed and quality of their internet connection. The program will help identify areas in Mississauga that have adequate internet service and those that need improvement.  
To take the test, visit

Internship & Mentorship Programs

In 2014, the City’s IT division partnered with Sheridan College to initiate a new Internship Program.  Each semester, a growing number of students take part in the program and receive hands-on experience in service management, desktop support and help-desk services.  This year, the City’s Digital Services team also partnered with Sheridan College to mentor a number of student groups that are completing their final year Capstone projects.

Hack Day / Idea Jam Events

Hackathons are another way to engage with your local tech community.  Last year, the City co-hosted ‘Code and the City’, its first hack day event in partnership with Sheridan College, UTM iCUBE and local technology company SOTI Inc.  The event took place on International Open Data day and attracted over 90 participants.

The City is co-hosting another hack day event this year.  'Tech and the City' will take place on Saturday, October 21 and will focus on solutions that will help build a connected and smart community.  The event is co-hosted by the City of Mississauga, Sheridan College, UTM iCUBE, RIC Centre and SOTI Inc., and will take place at the University of Toronto Mississauga’s Innovation Complex.  
Potential participants can find out more details by visiting

The technology community in Mississauga continues to grow and develop each year.  So whether you are part of a start-up, attending a HackerNest meeting or taking part in 'Tech and the City', you will be a part of a growing and developing tech sector in Mississauga.