9 Cool Canadian Instagram accounts

Whether you are old, young, rich or poor you can enjoy and thrive using social media.  Some people use it as a way to showcase the best things in their lives, others simply their everyday activities.  Many of these people hope their daily posts bring positivity and motivation to the people that interact with them on a daily basis. Others just post some awesome content.  
Let’s take a look at 9 cool Canadian Instagram accounts.

Brent Fikowski (@fikowski)


Brent is a Canadian CrossFit competitor who came second at the CrossFit games last year, making him the second fittest person in the world! That’s pretty awesome in and of itself.  His account also showcases a little bit of his personality, some products he endorses and a snapshot into his training regimen.

Great North Collective (@greatnorthco)


This account posts beautiful photos of different parts of Canada in hopes to showcase the beauty of the country. Nothing like scrolling through your feed and seeing a tent next to a lake with water so clear it looks like a mirror to give you that camping bug.

Cath Sim (@mydetoxtravel)


This account posts breathtaking photos that include wellness tips and interesting stories detailing some of her adventures. A perfect positive pick-me-up for the daily grind that is your regular TTC commute.

Chronic Ink Tattoos (@Chronicink)


This is a Toronto based tattoo studio that simply does amazing work.  If you are thinking about getting a tattoo, have tattoos or can simply appreciate great artwork, this is a must follow account.  I regularly find myself pausing as I scroll through my feed and whispering “Damn” whenever Chronic Ink posts a new photo of completed work.

Lyndsay (@Cococakeland)


This is a dangerous account, especially if you have UberEats on your phone.  Everything on this account is absolutely delicious looking; do not check this account out when you are hungry.  Or else you will somehow end up with 3 separate dessert deliveries by the end of the day.

Alexia Clark (@alexia_clark)


To help combat the issues of eating so much food I also follow people like Alexia Clark, she posts awesome training tips and videos.  As well as daily circuit training guaranteed to leave you gasping for air afterwards.  The best part is she does it all with positivity and her follower’s best interest in mind.

Andrew Knapp (@andrewknapp)


This is a photographer’s account so obviously the pictures are amazing, that’s not what makes it so great.  The fact that most of the amazing pictures are of his adorable dog Momo, that’s why you should follow Andrew.



Its Drake, he has 39.1 million followers.  Watch out though cause he’s been mixing vodka with emotions and will have you tapping into your emotions and soon you will be dry crying because you’re hopeless.

Team Canada (@teamcanada)


A wonderful way to keep tabs on our various national teams with the click of a button.  You will be able to see updates on all of our competing teams, just in time for the Olympics!

As a bonus check out and follow @ianmorse11
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