7 scenic spots surrounding Mississauga

Although it may not feel like it, winter is on its last breath(s). As such, it’s time to make plans to end your winter hibernation that consisted of burritos, cuddling and Netflix marathons. There is nothing better than a beautiful scenic view to help you rejuvenate for spring; let’s take a look at seven beautiful places surrounding Mississauga.



Whether you are one of those people that enjoy skiing, or you’re more like me and really enjoy it when other people go skiing. Collingwood has got your back.  Blue Mountain is still open; the runs are as snowy as ever.  Not to mention the accommodations are comfortable, affordable and on Airbnb! The other major selling point is the Scandinavian Spa,  a great place to go and relax.  Take your significant other or go by yourself to escape it all.



This place has it all, casinos, delicious restaurants, a highly debated potential wonder of the world and most importantly wine tours! Watch the breathtaking waterfall with an endless supply of wine? Sign me up.

Cheltenham Badlands


Surprise! Caledon has its own version of the badlands. Think Alberta but in Ontario just without dinosaurs. Despite the lack of dinosaurs the red shale bedrock really does make for an incredible sight! Unfortunately the area is fenced off but you can still get up close and personal.  Thanks to some questionable farming practices in the 1900, we have a little mini Mars.

Decew Falls


Who would have thought this beautiful place could be found just outside of St. Catherine’s! This is the place where you can live out that fantasy of being able to walk behind a waterfall. SWOON. If you need a cool place to propose or just like adventures this is a great choice. Disclaimer: people have needed to be rescued when getting out of the area, some weren’t entirely sober.

Webster’s Falls


Located in Hamilton the City of Waterfalls, fun fact there are over 100 waterfalls in the Hamilton area and Webster’s Falls in considered the most beautiful.  It’s a tiered waterfall that drops 22 feet and has been used in multiple movies, none of which you will have ever heard of.



Remember when you were growing up, you are your friends would skip out on chores and take a walk down your towns dirt road to the swimming hole? Me either, but it doesn’t change the fact that going to a quarry and jumping in a swimming hole sounds amazing! Thanks to the Elora Quarry you can, it’s a former limestone quarry transformed into a swimming hole.  With turquoise water and cliffs 12 feet high, it’s a great day trip with family and friends.

Cyprus Lake Grotto


If you’re like me and have always wanted to go snorkeling then this place needs to be on your list. Carved out by pounding water over thousands of years, all this is just a hike along the Georgian Bay Trail but absolutely worth it.
Jump in the crystal clear water and it feels like you’re on another planet. If you’re into that type of thing, which I am.