Modern Business - Holy Cow Studio

We chat with Raheel Patel, owner of Mississauga’s Holy Cow Studio, to learn more about his business.


How long has Holy Cow Studio been in business for?
As an official business, since July 2018. We opened our studio in Port Credit in September, 2018

What's the most rewarding part of operating a small, local business?
Artists are free souls and my business allows them to put their vision into a reality. We often think out of the box to help creatives thrive. We encourage them to create freely and often.

What are some of the challenges you've faced?

To find a location that worked with my budget. The Mississauga Business Enterprise Centre mentorship program helped me with that and increased my knowledge of finances. Attracting people to visit my studio (as it’s quite new) is an early challenge but with consistent marketing and being active on social media, I’m confident that I can overcome this early challenge.

How have you overcome them?
I connected with a local business owner who was able to offer me space to open my retail location that worked with my budget. Connecting with the community and their valued members helped me overcome this challenge.
Also, every day I meet and greet people outside my studio and invite them in and show what my offerings are.


Describe your business in six words or less:
Environment Friendly Art Practices.

Why did you pick Mississauga to set up shop?
I migrated to Canada in 2014 and settled down in Mississauga, which has a very diverse community. Mississauga is my home.

What advice do you have for other entrepreneurs?
Show initiative don’t to be scared to take a calculative risk. Simply start.

What trends to you predict for your industry over the next few years?
Due to the evolving climate change, I can definitely see an environmentally friendly businesses flourishing. Consumers will also want original and not machine produced goods.


In a crowded marketplace, how do you set yourself apart? 
By offering environmentally friendly and handmade products.

What inspired you to start this business?
From my childhood, I was interested in crafts and wanted to start a business which is craft oriented. That motivates me to keeps me doing what I love.
Being able to conduct workshops on traditional crafts also motivates me.
In India, we have great craft traditions which is an important part of our heritage. Unfortunately, this tradition is not being passed to the next generation due to reduced finances, increased work loads and time constraints. As a traditional toy maker, I wanted to carry this wonderful tradition forward.