Medical Monday - Choosing the right pillow


Sleeping with the right pillow can affect your quality of sleep, whereas sleeping with the wrong pillow can be a pain in the neck!  Sleep is essential for a person’s well being as it helps to repair your heart and blood vessels.  Choosing the right pillow can help you get a better restful sleep. 

Consider these points when selecting the right bed pillow:

·         Natural or synthetic pillow?   Natural pillows are typically made from feathers or downs from ducks and geese.  Feather pillows provide firm support, whereas down pillows are softer and lighter.  Natural pillows are not recommended for allergy sufferers as the contents are typically allergens. 

·         Firmness?  If you sleep on your front, a soft pillow may be the best option as it will keep your spine in its natural position.  If you sleep on your back, a medium firmness pillow will keep your head up while you sleep and provide shoulder support.  If you sleep on your side, a firm memory foam pillow is recommended as it aligns your spine with your ear and shoulder. 

Choosing a pillow that promotes air circulation and reduces build up of moisture is ideal.  Some pillows also offer contoured support or different sleeping options to suit your individual needs. 


James Singh, Store Manager from Medical Mart recommends The Obusforme Neck & Neck Plus Cervical Pillow.  “Many of our customers love this ergonomic pillow because it offers 4 sleeping options, providing a comfortable and supportive fit”, says Singh.  “This is a great pillow because it provides a choice of two higher sleeping heights and it is also machine washable”, continues Singh. 

To keep your pillow dust-mite free, you may want to put it through the tumble dryer for 10 minutes every month.  It is generally recommended that you change your pillows every couple of years.  The right pillow can also help you avoid neck and back problems.  If you want to sleep peacefully in the night, investing in a proper pillow will help you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day.  The benefits of getting a good night’s rest lays in the pillow. 


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