In conversation with the new General Manager of the Port Credit BIA - Anita Kovacevic


We chat with the new General Manager of the Port Credit BIA, Anita Kovacevic, to find out how she sees Port Credit evolving over the next four years, what she did prior to this, what one item she can’t live without and if she does, in fact, prefer pineapple on her pizza…and a lot of other interesting things about this bright, ambitious and talented community member.

1. What attracted you to the Port Credit BIA?

The PCBIA is one of the most vibrant and active business improvement areas in the province, if not the country, and I am proud to be a resident who has enjoyed and participated in may Port Credit events In the past. The combination of history, culture, great shops and services, and a magnificent waterfront mixed in with vast parks and gorgeous nature make the PCBIA one of the most incredible destinations for residents and visitors alike. I was thrilled to be able to apply for a role which will assist in moving Port Credit into an incredible future, in tandem with the current projects being completed and strategic planning in place.

2. What did you do prior to this?

My first career was in the field of education, as a high school teacher and lecturer of history at the University of Toronto, mainly at the Mississauga campus. Since I grew up in Mississauga, I always wanted to stay within my community or as close to it as possible. For that reason, I opened a café on the lakefront in Oakville, worked with sports management in Mississauga, and most recently worked as an Executive Director at a not-for-profit in Mississauga.


3. What attracted you to become an entrepreneur?

I believe that being an entrepreneur is at the same time the most challenging and the most rewarding career choice that one can make. It means taking a dream and attempting to the best of your current knowledge to make it a reality. It can mean a lot of tears and hard endless work, but what comes of it is an experience of having been your own boss and responsible only to your goals. This is something that always fascinated me, and when the opportunity arose for me to become an entrepreneur, I took the risk, and now look back at it as one of the most valuable lessons of my life. I truly appreciate all the difficulties and the rewards that comes from that sort of career option.

4. What was the most resounding lesson you learned from being an entrepreneur?

I learned all the various aspects of having to be ultimately responsible for not only having your business survive, but ensuring the wellbeing of your operations, marketing, finances, staffing, and the list goes on. It is literally the best MBA program out there- only by doing can you ultimately be convinced whether your dream could become reality, and only by constantly be willing to learn and grow, can that dream continue to flourish.


5. How do you see Port Credit evolving over the next four years?

I believe Port Credit will become far more a central social hub for a new generation who realize that Mississauga has some of the best restaurants and meeting spots in the GTA. Also, it will become a far more visited tourist destination as we evolve with the completion of new developments, and additional events to attract people from all over. Port Credit’s boundaries have already expanded, and with it come exciting new businesses which will make Port Credit THE PLACE to both live in and visit.

6. Describe Port Credit in six words

An eclectic, vibrant, beautiful, friendly destination

7. Road trip or train ride?

Road trip. I like taking a lot of stops to take a moment to breathe and take in the beauty.


8. Pineapple on pizza?

Absolutely. Fruit with carbs always.

9. What's the one item you've bought you cannot live without?

My portable Bluetooth headset

10. What are some misconceptions about Port Credit?

That it is out of the way. Port Credit has always been in my mind the downtown of Mississauga.


11. If I gave you a time machine, would you go forwards or backwards, to what year and why?

Forwards. As a former historian, I always question what each era has contributed. I would move up to the year 2200, where I can hear what historians think our era contributed to the evolution of mankind. I would venture to guess we will be remembered for the invention of online networking.