Modern Dining - A restaurant profile on Mississauga's MyKolachi

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What are your Signature food items?
MyKolachi Goat Karahi.

What are your Signature drink items?
Mango Lassi.

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What exactly is MykOLACHI?
Here at MyKolachi we cook from the heart and serve upscale Pakistani Karahi & BBQ. Our ability to capture excellent flavour in our organic food and vibrant experience allows for couples, coworkers, and families across the GTA to truly enjoy their dining event.
Karachi was originally name “Kolachi”. It used to be called the “City of Lights” and is still known for its vibrant nightlife, immense sense of culture, and delicious food. MyKolachi Karahi & Barbeque House represents a snapshot of the light, life, and vibrancy of Karachi — the soul of Pakistan — the vibrance, the sea, the city, MyKolachi!

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What's the seating capacity?

What type of food do you serve?
Pakistani Karahi & BBQ.
Our barbequed meats are marinated for over 24 hours in our house-special spices then cooked fresh inside a clay tandoor giving it that authentic taste. The barbeque dishes are then served over charcoal giving it our signature MyKolachi style. Oh and just in case you were wondering, our meat is sourced locally and never frozen. Even better, our spices are free from preservatives and artificial colors.

Do you offer takeout and or delivery?

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Where did the idea come from to launch the restaurant?
Harris Zia - President of the restaurant says “I have lived in Mississauga for the last 15 years but every now and then my mind wanders to my family's dinner table in suburbia Karachi. The rich aromas of the sizzling Karahi and scrumptious Biryani adorning our dining tables every Sunday for lunch or dinner.  Boy, do I miss those days, my cousins would lick their fingers after devouring my mom's signature Dum Biryani and my dad's Red Karahi.
You see I come from a household where good food was not only a source of nutrition but also an  expression of warmth and hospitality. This is the hallmark of a true son of the land! A lunch or dinner (even breakfast) was an occasion where family and dear friends broke bread together.
On occasion, I crave not only the authentic cuisine from the banks of the Indus- but also the sights and sounds of my country of origin. My Restaurant's menu and ambience is an homage to my roots, culture and values- I bring to the people of Canada, a taste of Pakistan!
MykOLACHI is not just an everyday restaurant, it promises you a delectable fine dining experience, second to none. I invite you to titillate your palates with our mouth-watering delicacies in a very authentic setting.”

How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?
Our dishes consist of fresh food that revolves around family, Karachi nostalgia, and a sense of social consciousness that anyone can enjoy.