Modern Dining - A restaurant profile on Mississauga's Kolkata Club

Learn about Mississauga’s upscale Indian restaurant, Kolkata Club and how they’re standing out in a competitive marketplace.

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What are your signature food items?
Jalebi Chaat, Shahi Hara bhara kabab, Red chilli chicken tikka, club da meat.

What are your signature drink items?
Our way gin and tonic, Sahibs game.

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Short description of the restaurant:
We pay tribute to the social clubs in India that originated during the British Raj.

What's the seating capacity?
70 people.

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What type of food do you serve?
Indian, Hakka.

Chef’s description:
Bharat Singh: professionally trained in Indian cuisine. He has over 15 years of experience working in India, Dubai and Toronto.

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What can customers expect when they visit?
Delicious food, beautiful and cozy ambiance, lazy conversations over a glass of wine or our amazing signature cocktails.

Do you offer takeout and or delivery?
Yes we offer takeout and we deliver through Skip the dishes and Uber eats.

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Where did the idea come from to launch the restaurant?
The Kolkata Club was born out of nostalgia: our memories of going to the clubs with our parents when we were children, and then ourselves as adults; lazy conversations over a cup of tea or a drink at the bar is Kolkata club all about.

How do you differentiate yourself from the competition?
We are not a traditional Indian restaurant. We experiment with our menu and try to have fun with it to provide a menu that makes us different from other restaurants.
488 Eglinton Ave West #22 Mississauga 905-507-0000

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