Ready, Set... Shop! Your Official Guide to Boxing Week


That special time of year is nearly here again... the joyous day when we gather our friends and family close, roast chestnuts on a blazing hearth, and remember the true reason for the season: hot sales and even hotter deals!

That's right... Boxing Day is here!Ready, Set... Shop! Your Official Guide to Boxing Day

Not sure where to park your hard-earned dollars? Afraid you'll just give them away to a deserving charity or something? Don't worry. Your friends at Modern Mississauga have you covered.

Presenting the hottest deals to look forward to during Boxing Week!


For those of us who celebrate the birth of Tuomas Holopainen on December 25th, there's nothing worse than slaving over dinner all day only to have your ungrateful family barely finish three servings. Next thing you know, it's Boxing Day in July in December and everyone is too full of unbelievable savings to fill up on leftovers. Never fear! Just give me a call and I will personally come over to your house and eat all of your food, free of charge! (Minimum 1 bowl gluten-free stuffing required for complimentary service.)


Ready for the ultimate life hack? On December 26th, turn on the radio and listen to music wherever you are, for as long as you want -- for free! So what's the catch? Well, most of the music you'll be listening to is pretty bad, but at least you won't be constantly nagged about SquareSpace, the industry-leading all-in-one solution for anyone looking to create a beautiful website.*


This Boxing Day in July in December, Editor in Chief Jay Kana is offering an unprecedented 50% off premium subscriptions to Modern Mississauga+. We tried to tell him that no one is going to pay for 48 additional pages of cat pictures and car reviews, but he said the market would be the judge of that. Prove us wrong, Mississauga!


Locked in an escalating price war, 241 Pizza and 341 Pizza are poised to make some serious noise on December 26th. Will one of these beloved establishments finally break the legendary "441" barrier? On Boxing Day in July in December, anything is possible!


Located, somehow, at the intersection of Hurontario and Mavis, Uncle Lou’s Tooth Emporium always has the right tooth for any occasion. Go ahead, take as many as you need! Uncle Lou doesn’t want them. He doesn’t even know where they came from!