Makeup trends for 2018


Makeup trends are constantly changing, from highlighting to baking (and no, I’m not talking about cookies), there is always something new to discover. 
For some, doing makeup is almost an artform.

Angelica Petrakis, a makeup artist at Sephora, has always had a strong passion for developing and creating new looks on people.
“I think what made me love doing makeup was working with different textures of colour and shades. Doing this really brings out the beauty in someone and shows them their fullest potential.”
Petrakis also tells us about some of the new trends and looks that you should try if you haven’t already.
“The most popular makeup look would be a more neutral smokey eye,” Petrakis said. And for those of you who are unaware, a smokey eye contains a darker colour on the outer part of the eye, and a lighter colour on the inner lid. 
“A lot of clients bring photos of Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, and JLO for their looks.” “Ilove doing a really clean makeup look,” Petrakis said. “This includes a lot of lashes and nude glossy lips. Doing more intricate looks that require frequent precision is also one of my favourites. And working with glitter and bright colours is always fun”
She explains her favourite product is of the winter season is “the new Nars Radiant Foundation is a top favourite. It’s great on all skin types and tends to last all day.” She said. This foundation also has a clean and smooth finish on the skin.


“Natasha Denona’s black eyeshadow is a very unique one too because it happens to be the darkest black ever. It’s great to add dimension to any eye look.”
And if you are unfamiliar with some of these terms and products, don’t worry. We have you covered.
“For beginners, I strongly recommend the Forever HD Doundation. There’s a ton of shades and it’s great for photographs,” Petrakis said.
Other products recommended for rookies would be the Laura Mercier loose translucent powder.
“This product is great because it suits all skin tones, and you can use it all over the face or under the eye to keep makeup in place she said.

Makeup can be confusing, and often times a little scary especially if you aren’t too confident in what your doing. With that being said, practice makes perfect and the more you get into the habit of doing your makeup, the more natural it will become.

“The more exposure you get with different clients the better you will get,” Petrakis said. “Working at a makeup store which allows you to apply makeup on others is a great start because you are applying it to different eye and face shapes everyday.”

“It’s a huge misconception that makeup makes your skin breakout...if that was the case no one would ever wear makeup, and it would not be in demand. Also, if you have a good skincare routine, the amount of makeup you wear becomes irrelevant” she says.


And where exactly can we see Petrakis in the future?
“My dream is to do celebrity makeup and eventually move to L.A,” Petrakis said “but my short term goal is to become a pro lead artist for Sephora Canada."

If you want to get your makeup done before this artist is up and on her way doing celebrity makeup, you can visit her or even request her to do your makeup at Sephora at Square One.
To see more of Angelica’s looks, be sure to follow her makeup Instagram page: angemuartistry.