6 non-toxic house plants

As a new pet owner, one of the first things I realized was that everything becomes something to chew on. Silly me, I didn’t even think that some plants might be less than ideal for pets to eat, so to help all those new pet owners out there, here’s a list of 6 non-toxic plants to keep around the house:  

Majesty Palm


If you want to add a 70’s vibe to your condo, this is the plant to do it with. It looks great in a corner that has backlighting, virtually impossible to kill; I know this because mine is actually still alive.  One added bonus, if you have cats they will ignore all of their other toys and focus solely on hunting those giant leaves.

Staghorn Fern


This is the plant equivalent of a 12 point buck mounted on your wall.  Seriously that’s where they go, wall mounted and without soil this thing will grow anywhere. If you have an empty wall and just can’t figure out what to do with it, mount one of these bad boys and just let it grow. 

Money Tree


This beautiful plant symbolizes wealth.  Cats love to dig in the soil so you will spend a lot of time sweeping up dirt.  Totally worth the sweeping because this is a stunner and won’t kill your animals, your partner will love it.

Hen and Chicks


An adorable and apt name, one large plan that sprouts multiple identical smaller plants around it, plus succulents are virtually impossible to kill.  They aren’t remotely poisonous so your animals can snack on them like mine do. 

Prayer Plants


These guys look as unusual as their name would lead you to believe, but they are perfect for adding a little spice to your decor. 

African Violets


If you and your partner enjoy flowers, this is the non-toxic choice for you, the flowers are gorgeous and your pets will love to eat them.
So if you are looking for some plants to liven up your living space, take a look at some of these. They are beautiful, unique and your pets will love them as much as you will.