Modern Travel - Why road trips can be more adventurous than flying


Recently, I got the chance to road trip with my family to Montreal; which is rare because we haven’t travelled with our vehicle for six or so years.
We are frequent flyers, however this time around we decided that we should reminisce on our old family trips we’d take driving to Florida or Myrtle Beach.
And let me just say, after the experience I just had - road tripping over flying. By all means. All the time. 

Going on road trips is exciting because there’s so much to do. You drive through places you’ve never been to, and see things you can’t get a view of in an airplane.
Road tripping is fun because it also gives you the time to bond with whoever you’re taking these road trips with.
I recently went to Montreal with my family. We typically do this trip often, and personally I look forward to it.


I know a lot of people dread it, but being able to catch up with the people you care about most is always a nice feeling.
You get to really talk about anything and everything, and playing games is always a fun option.
Another thing that makes road tripping really adventurous is the stops you make. I find it good to make stops into smaller towns and discover something knew.
A good tradition to start is when you do stop into these small towns, buy something completely out of the ordinary to remember your trip.
There’s more perks to going on driving trips, such as being able to rest for a long period of time with hardly any interruptions. 

Take a nap, watch some movies, and really just take the time to fuel up before your trip truly begins. Unless you’re driving. Then you should probably stay awake.
I also find a lot of good and funny stories are shared between people during a good road trip. On a plane ride, you’d have to contain your laughs and stories at a minimum as usually you’d be separated on the flight.
It’s good to be all together with whoever you’re with and really embracing each others companies. 
And of course – who can forget about all the amazingly fun games you can play while travelling.


Another thing you can also look forward to while on a road adventure is you can change your plans last minute. Let’s say you are unable to make a trip, you can cancel on the spot, or reschedule whenever. It’s much easier than cancelling a flight. 
Some other perks on road trips is of course being able to pack whatever you want, you have the right to bring your pets (who wants to leave your fluffy little friend at home alone anyway?), and the best part is, you can save money.

I think that’s something that will always spark an interest in everyone’s travel. The more you save the better. Some flights can cost up to $1000, even if you’re travelling short distances! 
When you use your car, you really just need to fill up on gas. And if you happen to be travelling with company, you can always split the gas bills so it reduces the cost of how much you have to dish out!

All in all, travelling with a vehicle can have so many benefits.