6 fun Easter crafts

There’s just something about Easter that makes everyone feel warm and happy, as we spring from the cold winter into the re-birthing season of spring. But Easter doesn’t have to be restricted to the tradition egg colouring. This year, why not try one of these fun filled crafts that you and your little ones can do in preparation for the big hunt!


1. Glue Yarn Bowl – these cute little hand made bowls are wonderful and they serve a greater purpose to! This Easter, spend some family time creating a basket like bowl out of yarn (pastel colours would be best) and glue. Once it’s done drying, you can use it to store chocolate or even regular Easter eggs! They’ll make a great little piece on your family dinner table this spring.

2. Origami Paper Bunny Bookmarks - Origami is more than just folded paper, and why not bring the joy of reading to the season? These easy to make paper bunny bookmarks are not just super adorable, but also very useful and can be customized! No more spending five dollars on paper that holds your place in a story this spring time!

3. Baby Sock Egg Cozy – if you love the look of coloured eggs but hate the staining and mess that’s left behind, this craft is perfect for you! Using baby socks, you can add pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and much more to create these little cozy that will for sure make your eggs looking the best at family dinner.


4. Egg Candles – spice up your dinner table this Easter with these easy to make egg candles – and they’re good for the environment too! You could use left over wax from Christmas and plastic egg cups to mold the eggs, add a wick and you have the perfect candles to light up spring time!

5. Chick Pom Pom – Easter isn’t all about the bunny and we for sure can’t forget about the chicks that lay our eggs. This year, you can create these little chick pom poms, and add them to your Easter Egg hunt! They’re easy to make and require only 4 materials; pom poms, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and some creativity!

6. Easter Lamb Basket – saving the best for last, we simply cannot forget about the grand hunt. And you’ll be needing something to keep those eggs secured. Why not try making these easy Easter lamb baskets with your little lambs today?

With Easter right around the corner, you all better hop on, hide the eggs and crank out the glue gun! All eggs, hunts, bunnies and chicks aside, these crafts will do more than just add a little spice to spring; it gives you some quality family time … fighting over the last pom pom! Happy Easter to everyone and be on the look out for those eggs!