In review - the Mississauga Symphony Orchestra's Star Wars performance


Whether you’re young, old, Star Wars fan, or not a Star Wars fan - you would have loved the performance the Mississauga symphony orchestra put on which was Star Wars themed. Music director and conductor Denis Mastromonaco put on a one of a kind show with the identical Star Wars sound track along with an out of this world light show. 

I have never watched a single episode of Star Wars. But this orchestra changed my opinion on giving it a go in general. I think what made it even greater is the passion and love every single person in that room had for the film. Not even the film itself, but it was excellent to see people appreciating the music behind the movie. Music is often left in the background but in this case, not at all. 


The symphony began with the Star Wars main title theme. And it progressed with different theme songs in different episodes. Some of these include, Yoda’s Theme and Luke and Leia’s theme. Other great pieces were “Across the Stars” and my personal favourite - “March of the Resistance”. 

Intermission is a time to unwind and take a bathroom break but not during this one. In the auditorium, there were storm troopers, Luke Skywalker, and Princess Leia impersonators walking around and taking photographs. There was also a bar you could get drinks and food at, and just when you thought this was no place for kids - they held a costume contest! They presented five children with goodie bags as “best dressed”. Children weren’t the only ones dressed up though, many adults also dressed as their favourite characters. This was really a room full of die hard fans. But not only were guests dressed up, Mr. Denis Mastromonaco himself had a few costume changes throughout the evening which really captured the audiences attention. 


Usually, you’d want to leave after the end as the credits roll but certainly not this time. The ending credits did an amazing job at capturing the “Star Wars - Throne Room & End Title” because you actually wanted to stay behind and discover more of the music. It was a truly great piece to end with and the orchestra as well as the conductor got a standing ovation throughout the theatre. 

All in all, this was a really memorable show. It’s crazy how music can make you admire and love certain things so much. If you do want to see some more of  Denis Mastromonaco and his talented team of musicians, he's conducting the “Last Night of the Proms” on May 26th at Hammerson Hall, which is another performance of the MSO not to be missed.

I’m beginning all Star Wars episodes tonight. May the force be with you!